This notebook helps me explore data about the item creation timeline on Wikidata, as per this figure:

The code used to generate the graph is quite old, which causes a DeprecationWarning that I could not yet get rid of:

I tried the following line to address the DeprecationWarning but did not get the output to work:

I'm stuck here and going to ask around a bit. The page has a "Get help" section which points to a defunct IRC. After a bit of searching, I found and asked my question there but nobody seemed to be around, so here I am again.

Other issues:

  1. for plotting that figure, gnuplot has been traditionally used, but since the data is generated in Python, it would make sense to do the plotting here as well (once we figure out how to properly handle it)
  2. this graph shows the graph for items only; it would be nice to show properties, lexemes, senses and forms as well, both in the same graph as well as separately