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Open your PAWS terminal ( and run commands 1-5


  • 1 pip install sparqlwrapper (you'll need to do this every time you start PAWS)

iPYLeaflet --

  • 2 pip install ipyleaflet
  • 3 jupyter nbextension enable --py --sys-prefix ipyleaflet

iPYWidgets --

  • 4 pip install ipywidgets
  • 5 jupyter nbextension enable --py widgetsnbextension
# Import necessary Python libraries 

from SPARQLWrapper import SPARQLWrapper, JSON

import json
import os
import requests
import pandas as pd

from ipyleaflet import *

from ipywidgets import *
from ipywidgets.embed import embed_minimal_html, dependency_state, embed_data

from branca.colormap import linear
# You copy-paste this code from the Wiki Query Service interface, under '</>Code' --> 'Python'

endpoint_url = ""

query = """#Public libraries of the Netherlands

SELECT DISTINCT ?coordinates ?itemLabel ?image ?website ?address ?email ?phone 
#Request items about all Dutch public libraries in The Netherland
?item p:P31/ps:P31 wd:Q28564,wd:Q11396180;wdt:P17 wd:Q55.
# Geo coordinates
?item wdt:P625 ?itemLoc. #Location of the item

# Request optional values, we will use these in the popups later on
OPTIONAL{?item wdt:P18 ?image}
OPTIONAL{?item wdt:P856 ?website}
OPTIONAL{?item wdt:P6375 ?address}
OPTIONAL{?item wdt:P968 ?email} 
OPTIONAL{?item wdt:P1329 ?phone} 

# This bit of code transforms the lat-lon values from 2 different columns into 
# 1 single column containing a string tuple '(lat,lon)'
BIND(STRBEFORE(STRAFTER(STR(?itemLoc), ' '), ')') AS ?lat)
BIND(STRBEFORE(STRAFTER(STR(?itemLoc), 'Point('), ' ') AS ?long)
BIND(CONCAT('(',?lat,',',?long,')') AS ?coordinates) #coordinates string tuple e.g. '(51.86132,4.99204)'

# Only ask for Dutch labels
SERVICE wikibase:label {bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "nl" .}
ORDER BY ?itemLabel"""

def get_results(endpoint_url, query):
    sparql = SPARQLWrapper(endpoint_url)
    return sparql.query().convert()

results = get_results(endpoint_url, query) #json format
{'head': {'vars': ['coordinates', 'itemLabel', 'image', 'website', 'address', 'email', 'phone']}, 'results': {'bindings': [{'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.86132,4.99204)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Afhaalpunt Arkel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Afhaalpunt Arkel, Harpstraat 13, 4241 CA Arkel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1825842,7.2063955)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Afhaalpunt Bad Nieuweschans - COOP Supermarkt'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Afhaalpunt Bad Nieuweschans, COOP Supermarkt, Hoofdstraat 41, 9693 AE Bad Nieuweschans, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2449773,6.978697)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Afhaalpunt Nieuwolda - verpleegcentrum 't Hamrik"}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Afhaalpunt Nieuwolda, verpleegcentrum 't Hamrik, Hoofdstraat 62, 9944 AH Nieuwolda, Nederland"}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8566786,4.3884626)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Afhaalpunt Poortugaal'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Afhaalpunt Poortugaal, Dorpsstraat 34, 3171 EH Poortugaal, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8571861,4.4717617)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Afhaalpunt Portland'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Afhaalpunt Portland, Hof van Portland 41, 3162 WK Rhoon, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.17614,6.97188)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Afhaalpunt Scheemda - gemeentekantoor'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Afhaalpunt Scheemda, gemeentekantoor, Brugstraat 2, 9679 BR Scheemda, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8731333,6.2454886)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Bibliotheek 's-Heerenberg"}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Bibliotheek 's-Heerenberg, Oudste Poortstraat 24, 7041AR s-Heerenberg, Nederland"}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-314-667-053'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2679063,4.7496987)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Aalsmeer'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Aalsmeer, Marktstraat 19, 1431BD Aalsmeer, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-297-325-905'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.7841643,5.1259789)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Aalst'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Aalst, Donkerstraat 19, 5308 KB Aalst, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7313345,5.0160659)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Abbekerk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Abbekerk, Schoolwerf 1, 1657 LD Abbekerk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1365067,5.4973655)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Achterveld'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Achterveld, Jan van Arkelweg 12, 3791AC Achterveld, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-33-494-2417'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2599615,6.4570135)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Aduard'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Aduard, Burg van Barneveldweg 23, 9831 RD Aduard, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.5633782,4.7322704)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Akersloot'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Akersloot, Rembrandtsingel 1, 1921EK Akersloot, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-72-515-6644'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.86473,4.65723)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Alblasserdam'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Alblasserdam, Ieplaan 2, 2951 CB Alblasserdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.63346,4.74329)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Alkmaar Centrum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Alkmaar Centrum, Gasthuisstraat 2, 1811KC Alkmaar, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-72-515-6644'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6535348,4.7588585)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Alkmaar De Mare'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Alkmaar De Mare, Laan van Straatsburg 2, 1826BZ Alkmaar, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-72-515-6644'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6340305,4.7657342)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Alkmaar Oudorp'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Alkmaar Oudorp, Oudorperplein 23, 1823HA Alkmaar, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-72-515-6644'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.618834,4.746962)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Alkmaar Overdie'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Alkmaar Overdie, Van Maerlantstraat 8, 1813BH Alkmaar, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-72-515-6644'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.35731,6.66154)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Almelo'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Almelo, Het Baken 3, 7607AA Almelo, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-546-822-005'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3940622,5.2766666)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Almere Buiten'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De nieuwe bibliotheek | Buiten, Baltimoreplein 112, 1334KA Almere, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-36-548-6000'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3363865,5.2186265)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Almere Haven'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De nieuwe bibliotheek | Haven, Markt 41, 1354AP Almere, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-36-548-6000'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3459733,5.1511196)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Almere Poort'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De nieuwe bibliotheek | Poort, Oostenrijkstraat 2, 1363CB Almere, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-36-548-6000'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3712,5.2206)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Almere Stad'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De nieuwe bibliotheek | Stad, Stadhuisplein 101, 1315XC Almere, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-36-548-6000'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1302169,4.6665075)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Alphen Centrum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Alphen Centrum, Aarplein 5, 2406BZ Alphen aan den RijnXX, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.7506792,5.2201121)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ammerzoden'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Bibliotheek Ammerzoden, 't Bussche Kempke 2, 5324 AC Ammerzoden, Nederland"}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3031455,4.8582323)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Amstelveen Stadsplein'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Amstelveen Stadsplein, Stadsplein 102, 1181ZM Amstelveen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-641-4126'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.281472,4.8260837)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Amstelveen Westwijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Amstelveen Westwijk, Westwijkplein 1, 1187LS Amstelveen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-647-5960'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7480265,5.2207147)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Andijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Andijk, Sportlaan 1, 1619 XE Andijk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9154331,5.9556748)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Angeren'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Angeren, Emmastraat 23, 6687BP Angeren, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1935377,6.0037069)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Apeldoorn De Maten'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Maten, Violierenplein 102, 7329DR Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-55-533-3135'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.19222,5.9735438)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Apeldoorn Zuid'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek dok Zuid, 1e Wormenseweg 460, 7333GZ Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-55-533-3427'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.3208318,6.8555762)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Appingedam'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Appingedam, Professor Cleveringaplein 5, 9901 AZ Appingedam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9581628,5.8973571)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Arnhem Kronenburg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Arnhem Kronenburg, Kronenburggalerij 7, 6831ET Arnhem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-26-354-3100'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9806911,5.9487595)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Arnhem Presikhaaf'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Arnhem Presikhaaf, Laan van Presikhaaf 7, 6826HA Arnhem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-26-354-3100'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9524139,5.8683071)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Arnhem extern magazijn'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Arnhem extern magazijn, Zeelandsingel 40, 6845BH Arnhem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8806175,5.1045091)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Asperen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Asperen, Bijdendijkstraat 1, 4147 ED Asperen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.9946471,6.558683)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Assen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Assen, Weiersstraat 1c, 9401ET Assen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8888'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.4414079,4.9263588)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Baarle-Nassau en Baarle-Hertog'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Baarle-Nassau en Baarle-Hertog, Pastoor de Katerstraat 5-7, 5111CM Baarle-Nassau, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-85-744-1052'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2121967,5.2931546)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Baarn'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Baarn, Hoofdstraat 1, 3741AC Baarn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-35-541-6549'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3372851,4.7798208)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Badhoevedorp'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Badhoevedorp, Arendstraat 34, 1171DZ Badhoevedorp, Nederland'}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-659-3409'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.3634121,6.5141149)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Baflo'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Baflo, Heerestraat 21, 9953 PH Baflo, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.599639,6.3924253)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Balkbrug'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Balkbrug, Kruizingastraat 17, 7707BW Balkbrug, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-523-656-228'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1403331,5.5877823)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Barneveld'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Barneveld, Nieuwstraat 29, 3771AS Barneveld, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-342-403-483'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2101276,6.7431278)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beckum'}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beckum, Kerkpad 9, 7554PR Hengelo, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-74-245-2565'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.30199,6.59927)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bedum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bedum, Kapelstraat 11, 9781 GK Bedum, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8313277,5.9288985)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beek-Ubbergen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beek-Ubbergen, Roerdompstraat 6g, 6573BH Beek, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8868067,5.1930425)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beesd'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beesd, Jeugdlaan 5, 4153 BE Beesd, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2491097,6.6008124)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beijum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beijum, Ypemaheerd 42, 9736MA Groningen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-50-541-4877'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.8605795,6.5127028)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beilen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beilen, Kampstraat 2, 9411KS Beilen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8335'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1073764,7.1510036)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bellingwolde'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bellingwolde, Dorpsplein 6, 9695 DA Bellingwolde, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.88823,5.89421)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bemmel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bemmel, Dorpsstraat 84, 6681BP Bemmel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8777727,5.516266)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beneden-Leeuwen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beneden-Leeuwen, Leliestraat 19, 6658 XN Beneden-Leeuwen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3193856,4.6014461)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bennebroek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bennebroek, Kerklaan 6, 2121VE Bennebroek, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-511-5300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7030175,5.0134646)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Benningbroek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Benningbroek, Kreek 14, 1654 JX Benningbroek, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6696634,4.7033516)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bergen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bergen, Dreef 1, 1861TX Bergen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-72-515-6644'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.4954501,4.2859508)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bergen op Zoom'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bergen op Zoom, Kortemeestraat 17, 4611TK Bergen op Zoom, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-164-243-450'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.5285154,6.6176505)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bergentheim'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bergentheim, Stationsweg 22, 7691AR Bergentheim, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-523-231-660'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5873853,5.1369317)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Berkel-Enschot'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De Bibliotheek Berkel-Enschot, Trappistinnentuin 77, 5057DJ Berkel-Enschot, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-13-533-2697'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6398631,4.9986387)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Berkhout'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Berkhout, Kerkebuurt 156, 1647 MD Berkhout, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5116928,5.3965446)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Best'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Best, Raadhuisplein 30-32, 5683EA Best, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-499-372-609'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5000761,5.3831417)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Best Heerbeeck College'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Best Heerbeeck College, Willem de Zwijgerweg 150, 5684SL Best, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-499-372-609'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8620136,5.771956)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beuningen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beuningen, Schoolstraat 16, 6641DC Beuningen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4866009,4.658514)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beverwijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Beverwijk, Kerkplein 5, 1941HD Beverwijk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-251-228-591'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4566861,5.6914176)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Biddinghuizen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Biddinghuizen, Akkerhof 1, 8256BK Biddinghuizen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-008-0750'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1086035,7.0740944)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Blijham'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Blijham, Veurste Rou 2, 9697 RZ Blijham, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4009986,4.6182348)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bloemendaal'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bloemendaal, Korte Kleverlaan 9, 2061ED Bloemendaal, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-511-5300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(50.8157359,6.0039912)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bocholtz'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bocholtz, Biesweg 1, 6351HN Bocholtz, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-45-544-4858'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.849597222,4.324752777)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Boekenberg Spijkenisse'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0798075,4.2684171)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bomenbuurt'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bomenbuurt, Fahrenheitstraat 707, 2561 DE Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-6970'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3022979,6.7581469)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Borne'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Borne, Marktstraat 23, 7622CP Borne, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-74-265-7200'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0760436,4.6560706)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Boskoop'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Boskoop, Babsloot 7, 2771EN Boskoop, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-172-766-110'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.9737389,6.4800476)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bovensmilde'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bovensmilde, Floralaan 1a, 9421NP Bovensmilde, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8305'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1663723,4.5090711)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek BplusC Leiden Het Gebouw'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'BplusC, locatie Het Gebouw, Arubapad 4, 2315VA Leiden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-71-522-1695'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1772347,4.5043177)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek BplusC Leiden Merenwijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'BplusC, locatie Merenwijk, Rosmolen 4, 2317SJ Leiden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-71-521-1666'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1584323,4.4931796)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek BplusC Leiden Nieuwstraat'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'BplusC, locatie Nieuwstraat, Nieuwstraat 4, 2312KB Leiden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-71-516-1627'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1504661,4.4538703)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek BplusC Leiden Stevenshof'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'BplusC, locatie Stevenshof, Trix Terwindtstraat 6, 2331GW Leiden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-71-531-8100'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1594145,4.5285396)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek BplusC Leiderdorp'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'BplusC, locatie Leiderdorp, Van Diepeningenlaan 110, 2352KA Leiderdorp, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-71-589-0849'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.58766,4.77856)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Breda Centrum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Nieuwe Veste bibliotheek Breda Centrum, Molenstraat 6, 4811GS Breda, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-76-200-3200'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.623815,4.7432848)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Breda Noord'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Nieuwe Veste bibliotheek Breda Noord, Heksenakker 37, 4823JZ Breda, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-76-200-3200'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5688907,4.7940441)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Breda Zuid'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Nieuwe Veste bibliotheek Breda Zuid, Allerheiligenweg 19, 4834TM Breda, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-76-200-3200'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(50.9387418,5.970752539)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Brunssum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Brunssum, Rumpenerstraat 147, 6443CC Brunssum, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-45-400-7560'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2530506,5.3785464)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bunschoten'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Bunschoten, Blokkenmakerssteeg 7, 3751BZ Bunschoten-Spakenburg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-33-298-1646'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1928014,5.9919202)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Burgum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Burgum, Schoolstraat 27, 9251EA Burgum, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-58-234-7777'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9317043,4.5886421)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Capelle Centrum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Capelle Centrum, Stadsplein 39, 2903HH Capelle aan den IJssel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-450-3244'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8485988,4.5018405)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Carnisselande Barendrecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Carnisselande Barendrecht, Middeldijkerplein 248, 2993 DL Barendrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.5517198,4.6752715)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Castricum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Castricum, Geesterduinweg 1, 1902CB Castricum, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-72-515-6644'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.893778,4.4670911)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Charlois'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Charlois, Clemensstraat 111, 3082 CE Rotterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6363'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.7899803,4.6631379)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Crabbehof Dordrecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dordrecht Crabbehof, De Savornin Lohmanweg 110, 3317 LA Dordrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9574438,5.223026)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Culemborg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Culemborg, Herenstraat 29, 4101 BR Culemborg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0087609,4.3629297)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek DOK Delft Centrum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'DOK Centrum, Vesteplein 100, 2611WG Delft, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-15-212-3450'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8480017,5.8435591)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Biezantijn'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Biezantijn, Waterstraat 146, 6541TN Nijmegen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.62786,4.94746)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Goorn'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Goorn, Dwingel 3a, 1648 JM De Goorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.84541,5.86633)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Mariënburg, Nijmegen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Mariënburg, Mariënburg 29, 6511PS Nijmegen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0801082,5.0388408)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Meern'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Meern, Oranjelaan 14, 3454BT De Meern, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-30-286-1960'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.5540528,4.848159)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Rijp'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Rijp, Jan Ploegerlaan 1C, 1483VR De Rijp, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-72-515-6644'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7215282,4.9999289)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Weere'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Weere, Vekenweg 4, 1663 BA De Weere, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1927447,6.5680969)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Wijert'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Wijert, Van Ketwich Verschuurlaan 100, 9721SW Groningen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-50-525-5055'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1171242,6.2534869)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Wilp'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek De Wilp, Schoolstraat 17, 9367 PX De Wilp, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6026628,6.4570224)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dedemsvaart'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dedemsvaart, Julianastraat 54, 7701GM Dedemsvaart, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-523-613-926'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9125405,4.4417934)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Delfshaven'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Delfshaven, Rösener Manzstraat 80, 3026 TV Rotterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6364'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.99642,4.34765)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Delft Voorhof'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'DOK Voorhof, Duke Ellingtonstraat 203, 2625GC Delft, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-15-261-1662'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.3299846,6.9267437)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Delfzijl'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Delfzijl, Oude Schans 23, 9934 CM Delfzijl, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.003134,4.331144)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Den Hoorn'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Den Hoorn, Fluitekruid 62, 2635KT Den Hoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-15-261-1838'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9389282,6.1296912)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Didam'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Didam, Schoolstraat 22, 6942AJ Didam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-316-221-184'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.8528604,6.313289)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Diever'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Diever, Dingspil 10, 7981BB Diever, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8340'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.6379174,4.3647439)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dinteloord'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dinteloord, Burgemeester\xa0Meester H. Popstraat 2, 4671ES Dinteloord, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-164-243-450'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9090619,5.6607362)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dodewaard'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dodewaard, Wilhelminalaan 3, 6669 AC Dodewaard, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.6269748,4.9419711)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dongen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dongen, Hoge Ham 126, 5104JK Dongen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-162-312-000'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8906758,6.0008965)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Doornenburg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Doornenburg, Kerkstraat 3, 6686BS Doornenburg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1522194,6.762120771)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dr. A. Jacobs College'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dr. A. Jacobs College, Laan van de Sport 4, 9603 TG Hoogezand, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1044062,6.0986522)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Drachten-Smallingerland'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Drachten-Smallingerland, Museumplein 1, 9203DD Drachten, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-512-512-680'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.846106,5.4329593)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dreumel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dreumel, Nieuwstraat 10, 6621 KV Dreumel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.5236844,5.7193634)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dronten'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dronten, De Rede 80, 8251EX Dronten, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-008-0740'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8864962,5.6023973)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Druten'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Druten, Van Heemstraweg 53, 6651 KH Druten, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.8348958,6.3697596)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dwingeloo'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dwingeloo, Weverslaan 1a, 7991BN Dwingeloo, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8343'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6179096,4.6313127)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Egmond'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Egmond, Voorstraat 41, 1931AH Egmond aan Zee, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-72-515-6644'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.4394388,5.4747474)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Eindhoven, locatie De Witte Dame, centrum Eindhoven'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek de Witte Dame, Emmasingel 22, 5611AZ Eindhoven, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-40-260-4260'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4453091,5.8488598)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Elburg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Elburg, Clakenweg 146, 8081LZ Elburg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-525-683-191'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.91723,5.84411)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Elst'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Elst, Europaplein 1, 6662DD Elst, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7115512,5.2769056)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enkhuizen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enkhuizen, Wielewaal 3, 1602 PV Enkhuizen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2151377,6.9729812)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enschede - Glanerbrug'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enschede / Glanerbrug, Gronausestraat 1166, 7534AS Enschede, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-53-461-1432'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2504249,6.9143418)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enschede - Lonneker'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enschede / Lonneker, Dorpsstraat 98, 7524CK Enschede, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-53-434-0990'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.21149,6.85954)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enschede - Stadsveld'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enschede / Stadsveld, Meindert Hobbemastraat 28, 7545CK Enschede, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-53-430-4344'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2287494,6.8580599)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enschede - Twekkelerveld'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enschede / Twekkelerveld, Zonstraat 1, 7521HD Enschede, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-53-430-9039'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.191905,6.8816226)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enschede - Zuid'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enschede / Zuid, Wesseler-nering 46, 7544JC Enschede, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-53-478-3060'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2956093,6.5792184)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enter'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enter, Oude Pastoriestraat 6, 7468GC Enter, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-547-381-158'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3475076,5.9869872)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Epe'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Epe, Stationsstraat 16, 8161CR Epe, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-578-612-113'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9807831,5.904308)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Erfgoedcentrum Rozet'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Erfgoedcentrum Rozet, Kortestraat 16, 6811EP Arnhem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-26-354-3161'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0449965,4.2804703)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Escamp'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Escamp, Leyweg 811, 2545 HA Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-8030'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5717097,4.640338)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Etten-Leur'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Nieuwe Nobelaer, Bibliotheek Etten-Leur, Anna van Berchemlaan 2, 4872XE Etten-Leur, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-76-504-5200'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8662134,5.7367693)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ewijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ewijk, Den Elt 17a, 6644EA Ewijk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(50.8942062,6.0583066)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Eygelshoven'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Eygelshoven, Terbruggen 18, 6471JV Eygelshoven, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-45-535-1715'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8894299,4.5073691)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Feijenoord'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Feijenoord, Sandelingplein 16b, 3075 AG Rotterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6365'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1864827,7.0817392)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Finsterwolde'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Finsterwolde, Hardenberg 7, 9684 AM Finsterwolde, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.87324,5.28966)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Geldermalsen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Geldermalsen, Rijksstraatweg 64-003, 4191 SG Geldermalsen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.4227157,5.5601343)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Geldrop'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Geldrop, Heuvel 94, 5664HN Geldrop, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-40-286-2805'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.876516,5.9705598)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Gendt'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Gendt, Schoolstraat 2, 6691XS Gendt, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.85164,4.88956)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Giessenburg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Giessenburg, Breestraat 2, 3381 BS Giessenburg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.54049445,4.941347123)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Gilze'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Gilze, Kerkstraat 106, 5126GD Gilze, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-85-744-1052'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5201768,5.0661126)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Goirle'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De Bibliotheek Goirle, Kloosterstraat 22, 5051RD Goirle, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-13-534-2068'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8293032,4.974148)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Gorinchem'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Gorinchem, Groenmarkt 1, 4201 EE Gorinchem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6100931,6.6703703)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Gramsbergen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Gramsbergen, De Binder 12, 7783HA Gramsbergen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-524-561-902'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2645122,6.3056918)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Grijpskerk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Grijpskerk, Kievitsweg 2, 9843 HA Grijpskerk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.7757214,5.9353596)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Groesbeek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Groesbeek, Kloosterstraat 13, 6562AT Groesbeek, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2190669,6.5642461)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Groningen Centrum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Centrum, Oude Boteringestraat 18, 9712GH Groningen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-50-368-3683'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2142789,6.2772892)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Grootegast'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Grootegast, Marktplein 11, 9861 JA Grootegast, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.0890931,5.8261502)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Grou'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Grou, Burstumerdyk 6, 9001ZC Grou, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-58-234-7777'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(50.8151497,5.8882573)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Gulpen-Wittem'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Gulpen-Wittem, Willem Vliegenstraat 4, 6271DA Gulpen-Wittem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-43-450-6220'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2411023,5.8922686)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Gytsjerk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Gytsjerk, Simke Kloostermanstrjitte 6, 9061BE Gytsjerk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-58-234-7777'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8222877,5.209602)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haaften'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haaften, Vredeplein 1, 4175 HA Haaften, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.08745,4.34021)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haagse Hout'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haagse Hout, Theresiastraat 195, 2593 AJ Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-7550'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1553502,6.7440102)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haaksbergen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haaksbergen, Blankenburgerstraat 40, 7481EB Haaksbergen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-53-572-2040'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.609979,4.8255962)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Bibliotheek Haal- en Brengpunt Teteringen - 't Web"}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Haal- en brengpunt Teteringen - 't Web, Zuringveld 1, 4847KS Teteringen, Nederland"}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-76-571-3579'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8851623,5.9303022)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haalderen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haalderen, Kolkweg 5a, 6685BC Haalderen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.380472,4.630469)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haarlem Centrum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haarlem Centrum, Gasthuisstraat 32, 2011XP Haarlem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-511-5300'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4083687,4.6481001)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haarlem Noord'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haarlem Noord, Planetenlaan 170, 2024EX Haarlem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-511-5300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.37535,4.65948)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haarlem Oost'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haarlem Oost, Leonard Springerlaan 5, 2033TA Haarlem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-511-5300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.355739,4.6558299)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haarlem Schalkwijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haarlem Schalkwijk, Fie Carelsenplein 2, 2036AM Haarlem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-511-5300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.525984,4.2695517)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Halsteren'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Halsteren, Dorpsstraat 69, 4661HM Halsteren, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-164-243-450'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.5088705,5.4698154)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hanzeborg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hanzeborg, Koningsbergenstraat 201a, 8232DC Lelystad, Nederland'}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-008-0720'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.5758295,6.6228007)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hardenberg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hardenberg, Parkweg 1a5, 7772XP Hardenberg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-523-270-271'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8268461,4.837803)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hardinxveld-Giessendam'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Pietersweer 34, 3371 PN Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1732298,6.605538)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haren'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Haren, Brinkhorst 3, 9751AS Haren, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1822'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2103507,6.6999968)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Harkstede'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Harkstede, Dorpshuisweg 36, 9617 BN Harkstede, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8053076,5.8272408)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hatert'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hatert, Couwenbergstraat 20, 6535RZ Nijmegen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.468463,6.0700533)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hattem'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hattem, Daendelsweg 2, 8051DX Hattem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-38-444-8525'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7072967,5.1016129)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hauwert'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hauwert, Hauwert 80, 1691 EJ Hauwert, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7738645,6.2337536)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Havelte'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Havelte, Veldkamp 77, 7971BX Havelte, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8225'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0960473,4.5826353)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hazerswoude-Dorp'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hazerswoude-Dorp, Pieter de Hooghstraat 3, 2391VM Hazerswoude-Dorp, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-172-588-233'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1283131,4.5930699)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hazerswoude-Rijndijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hazerswoude-Rijndijk, Joseph Haydnlaan 5, 2394GJ Hazerswoude-Rijndijk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-71-341-5644'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.5074556,4.6703182)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heemskerk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heemskerk, Maerten van Heemskerckplein 3, 1964EZ Heemskerk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-251-245-414'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3525449,4.6238156)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heemstede'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heemstede, Julianaplein 1, 2101ZC Heemstede, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-511-5300'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3874073,6.0469698)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heerde'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heerde, Griftstraat 8, 8181VZ Heerde, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-578-692-088'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6646543,4.8243033)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heerhugowaard'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heerhugowaard, Parelhof 1A, 1703EZ Heerhugowaard, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-72-515-6644'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7070327,4.8502983)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heerhugowaard De Noord'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heerhugowaard De Noord, Torenburgstraat 2, 1704CE Heerhugowaard, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-72-515-6644'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.3793269,5.5742359)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heeze-Leende'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heeze-Leende, Schoolstraat 48, 5591HM Heeze, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-40-304-3002'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.60065,4.69958)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heiloo'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heiloo, Westerweg 250, 1852AR Heiloo, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-72-533-0670'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4357657,6.232057)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heino'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heino, Van Sonsbeeckstraat 1, 8141VA Heino, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-572-391-318'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8447994,4.6387055)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Hoge Kade 52, 3341 BE Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.28513,6.82948)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hengelo Hasseler Es'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hengelo Hasseler Es, Henry Woodstraat 62, 7558CP Hengelo, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-74-245-2565'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.26358,6.79621)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hengelo Stad'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hengelo Stad, Beursstraat 34, 7551HV Hengelo, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-74-245-2565'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8278308,5.132461)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Herwijnen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Herwijnen, Zworrelstraat 79, 4171 AH Herwijnen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8562621,4.5367152)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Het Kruispunt Barendrecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Barendrecht Het Kruispunt, Middenbaan 111, 2991 CS Barendrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9416646,4.5471513)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Het Lage Land'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Het Lage Land, Jan Bijloostraat 11, 3067 AZ Rotterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6362'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9556444,5.7582423)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heteren'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heteren, Flessestraat 13, 6666CK Heteren, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8717037,5.075112)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heukelum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heukelum, Leijenburgplein 1, 4161 AR Heukelum, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.28778,4.58527)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hillegom'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hillegom, Sportlaan 1, 2182KS Hillegom, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-511-5300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.4849325,5.1342892)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hilvarenbeek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "De Bibliotheek Hilvarenbeek, Achter 't Raadhuis 2, 5081BA Hilvarenbeek, Nederland"}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-13-505-1281'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9780243,4.1284841)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoek van Holland'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoek van Holland, Prins Hendrikstraat 398, 3151 AW Hoek van Holland, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6366'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2811026,6.421706)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Holten'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Holten, Smidsbelt 6, 7451BL Holten, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-548-366-414'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3010493,4.6978423)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoofddorp-Centrale'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoofddorp-Centrale, Raadhuisplein 7, 2132TZ Hoofddorp, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-566-4850'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3058599,4.6442936)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoofddorp-Floriande'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoofddorp-Floriande, Baron de Coubertinlaan 4, 2134CG Hoofddorp, Nederland'}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-562-8702'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.4232902,4.3255204)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoogerheide'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoogerheide, Huijbergseweg 3a, 4631GC Hoogerheide, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-164-243-450'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7291871,6.4800902)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoogeveen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoogeveen, Willemskade 27, 7902AV Hoogeveen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-528-268-131'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1537282,6.7574058)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoogezand'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoogezand, Gorecht-Oost 157, 9603 AE Hoogezand, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.69456,5.1784501)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoogkarspel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoogkarspel, Streekweg 220, 1616 AN Hoogkarspel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2056575,6.5033773)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoogkerk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoogkerk, Jan Ensinglaan 29, 9744GP Groningen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-50-556-6061'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1882533,5.3831883)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoogland'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoogland, Engweg 7, 3828CJ Hoogland, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-33-480-3181'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0727704,5.1234708)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoograven'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoograven, Smaragdplein 100, 3523ED Utrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-30-286-1915'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.865394,4.3573069)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoogvliet'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoogvliet, Rijkeeplein 2, 3191 VD Hoogvliet Rotterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6367'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2074042,4.4156539)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoornes-Rijnsoever'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hoornes-Rijnsoever, Hoorneslaan 297, 2221CR Katwijk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-71-402-1983'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9367414,5.9417313)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Huissen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Huissen, Langekerkstraat 4, 6851BN Huissen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2988481,5.2411363)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Huizen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Huizen, Plein 2000 1, 1271KK Huizen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-35-525-7410'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2135675,5.9417194)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hurdegaryp'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Hurdegaryp, Fuormanderij 3, 9254GS Hurdegaryp, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-58-234-7777'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.888145,4.5484259)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek IJsselmonde'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek IJsselmonde, Herenwaard 15, 3078 AK Rotterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6368'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.6596066,5.0325607)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Kaatsheuvel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De Bibliotheek Kaatsheuvel, Anton Pieckplein 3, 5171CV Kaatsheuvel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-416-274-379'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0731017,5.0952564)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Kanaleneiland'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Kanaleneiland, Al-Masoedilaan 188, 3526GZ Utrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-30-286-1940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2010933,4.3966954)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Katwijk hoofdvestiging'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Katwijk hoofdvestiging, Schelpendam 1, 2225MA Katwijk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-71-401-4819'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8639055,6.0106415)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Kekerdom'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Kekerdom, Schoolstraat 7, 6579AN Kekerdom, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.7712143,5.3380551)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Kerkdriel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Kerkdriel, Kerkstraat 43a, 5331 CB Kerkdriel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(50.8656576,6.0627223)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Kerkrade'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Kerkrade, Martin Buberplein 15, 6461NC Kerkrade, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-45-763-0520'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9321838,5.5680087)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Kesteren'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Kesteren, Nedereindsestraat 27a, 4041 XE Kesteren, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1481277,5.6705879)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Kootwijkerbroek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Kootwijkerbroek, Schoonbeekhof 1, 3774DA Kootwijkerbroek, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-342-403-483'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9269848,4.4996065)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Kralingen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Kralingen, Vredenoordplein 60, 3061 PX Rotterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6288'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9155672,4.5913219)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Krimpen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Krimpen, Nachtegaalstraat 8, 2922VL Krimpen aan den IJssel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-180-513-995'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0596372,4.3316055)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Laakkwartier'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Laakkwartier, Linnaeusstraat 2, 2522 GR Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-7570'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.7115157,4.6988219)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Lage Zwaluwe'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Lage Zwaluwe, De Schoof 6, 4926DJ Lage Zwaluwe, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-85-744-1052'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6867126,4.8011256)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Langedijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Langedijk, Bosgroet 4, 1722KA Zuid-Scharwoude, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-226-313-304'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2565935,5.2262182)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Laren-Blaricum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Laren-Blaricum, Brink 29, 1251KT Laren, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-35-538-2612'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1617161,6.3708239)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leek, Waezenburglaan 53, 9351 HC Leek, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.3607521,6.3734917)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leens'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leens, Breekweg 2, 9965 TE Leens, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8935428,5.0921427)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leerdam'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leerdam, Dokter Reilinghplein 3, 4141 DA Leerdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2001111,5.8005258)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leeuwarden'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leeuwarden, Blokhuisplein 40, 8911LJ Leeuwarden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-58-234-7777'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0656019,4.4023217)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leidschenveen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leidschenveen, Emmy Belinfantedreef 7, 2492 JT Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-7660'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2236879,4.6660532)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leimuiden'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leimuiden, Larikslaan 20 20, 2451BV Leimuiden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-172-266-145'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.5078979,5.4747252)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Lelystad'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Lelystad, De Promesse 4, 8232VX Lelystad, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-008-0720'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8708491,5.8685434)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Lent - De Ster'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Lent - De Ster, Queenstraat 37b, 6663HA Lent, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9220374,4.4132563)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Lentiz LIFE College Schiedam'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Lentiz LIFE College Schiedam, Parallelweg 401, 3112NA Schiedam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-714-6300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1303058,5.427725)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leusden'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leusden, Hamersveldseweg 77, 3833GL Leusden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-33-494-2417'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.119461,5.4096888)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leusden-Zuid'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leusden-Zuid, De Hank 4, 3832JL Leusden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-33-494-2417'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.83912,5.99353)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leuth'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Leuth, Reusensestraat 4, 6578AR Leuth, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.237446,6.623101)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Lewenborg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Lewenborg, Kajuit 4, 9733CA Groningen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-50-541-3640'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.5727204,4.7015233)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Limmen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Limmen, Lage Weide 2A, 1906XC Limmen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-72-515-6644'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8750582,4.5253209)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Lombardijen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Lombardijen, Dantestraat 365, 3076 KM Rotterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6369'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.627082,5.075822)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Loon op Zand'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De Bibliotheek Loon op Zand, Kloosterstraat 2, 5175BJ Loon op Zand, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-416-363-868'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0534952,4.2355295)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Loosduinen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Loosduinen, Loosduinse Hoofdstraat 555, 2552 AE Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-7740'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.3309263,6.7467198)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Loppersum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Loppersum, Kreupelhof 2, 9919 AD Loppersum, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0640879,5.136226)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Lunetten'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Lunetten, Hondsrug 21, 3524BP Utrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-30-286-1925'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9289685,4.2375541)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Maassluis'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Maassluis, Uiverlaan 18, 3145XN Maassluis, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-592-5211'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(50.8459909,5.7010801)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Maastricht Centrum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Stadsbibliotheek Maastricht, hoofdvestiging Centrum, Centre Céramique, Avenue Céramique 50, 6221KV Maastricht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-43-350-5600'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(50.8440096,5.7258326)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Maastricht, servicepunt Heer'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Stadsbibliotheek Maastricht, servicepunt Heer, Concordiastraat 1, 6226GD Heer, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-43-350-5600'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(50.8559091,5.6614522)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Maastricht, servicepunt Malpertuis'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Stadsbibliotheek Maastricht, servicepunt Malpertuis, Sproetepad 20, 6217CG Malpertuis, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-43-350-5600'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.6808234,4.7952109)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Made'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Made, Kerkstraat 10a, 4921BB Made, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-85-744-1052'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.7803468,5.8526575)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Malden'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Malden, Broeksingel 2, 6581HB Malden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1457748,6.2679449)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Marum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Marum, Molenstraat 34, 9363 BD Marum, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7625947,5.1014132)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Medemblik'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Medemblik, Admiraliteitsweg 2d, 1671 JA Medemblik, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(50.8876671,5.7500047)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Meerssen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Meerssen, Pastoor Dominicus Hexstraat 16a, 6231HG Meerssen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-43-364-2411'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.4963215,3.6157947)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Middelburg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'ZB Middelburg, Kousteensedijk 7, 4331JE Middelburg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-118-654-000'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.3438117,6.6418201)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Middelstum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Middelstum, Coendersweg 22, 9991 CD Middelstum, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1998031,7.0375762)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Midwolda'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Midwolda, Huningaweg 8, 9682 PB Oostwold, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7233202,5.0765075)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Midwoud'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Midwoud, Tripkouw 32a, 1679 GJ Midwoud, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.4439572,5.6172263)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Mierlo'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Mierlo, Dorpsstraat 113, 5731JH Mierlo, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-492-664-444'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8637665,6.0467414)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Millingen aan de Rijn'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Millingen aan de Rijn, Heerbaan 115, 6566EG Millingen aan de Rijn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.54516,5.18395)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Moergestel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De Bibliotheek Moergestel, Sint Jansplein 5a, 5066AR Moergestel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-13-513-2243'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8304025,5.8352615)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Muntweg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Muntweg, Muntweg 207, 6532TH Nijmegen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.9295968,7.0153814)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Musselkanaal'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Musselkanaal, Willem Diemerstraat 7, 9581 AG Musselkanaal, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.98005,4.58367)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nesselande'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nesselande, Cypruslaan 408, 3059 XA Rotterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6370'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6909085,5.0579246)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nibbixwoud'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nibbixwoud, Ganker 1, 1688 CR Nibbixwoud, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.06367,4.24303)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nieuw Waldeck'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nieuw Waldeck, Rossinilaan 141, 2551 MR Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-8610'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2648298,4.6332474)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nieuw-Vennep'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nieuw-Vennep, Schoolstraat 2, 2151AA Nieuw-Vennep, Nederland'}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-252-620-321'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.0796136,6.9656551)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nieuwe Pekela'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nieuwe Pekela, Meidoornlaan 88, 9663 EG Nieuwe Pekela, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0278997,5.0848778)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nieuwegein'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Bibliotheek Nieuwegein 'De tweede verdieping', Stadsplein 1c, 3431LZ Nieuwegein, Nederland"}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-30-604-5834'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.150362,4.7750318)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nieuwkoop'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nieuwkoop, De Verbinding 8, 2421EX Nieuwkoop, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-172-571-984'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1969759,6.874977)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Noordbroek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Noordbroek, Schoolstraat 2, 9635 AZ Noordbroek, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7107009,5.746911)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Noordoostpolder'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Noordoostpolder, Harmen Visserplein 5, 8302BW Emmeloord, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-008-0730'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.0671982,6.4616009)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Norg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Norg, Brink 1, 9331AA Norg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8415'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.4794348,5.5536504)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nuenen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nuenen, Jhr. Hugo van Berckellaan 18, 5671CH Nuenen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-40-283-3097'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.67651,4.90962)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Obdam'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Obdam, Dorpsstraat 155, 1713 HE Obdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9084892,5.5680429)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ochten'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ochten, Schoolstraat 1, 4051 AV Ochten, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5822928,5.1969427)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oisterwijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De Bibliotheek Oisterwijk, Spoorlaan 82e, 5061HD Oisterwijk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-13-528-3239'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4462333,5.9077775)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oldebroek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oldebroek, Stouwdamsweg 4d, 8096BB Oldebroek, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-525-631-683'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.3044483,6.3971509)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oldehove'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oldehove, Englumstraat 10, 9883 PE Oldehove, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3121005,6.9309973)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oldenzaal'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oldenzaal, Ganzenmarkt 11, 7571CD Oldenzaal, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-541-512-516'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.336444,6.1115118)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Olst'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Olst, Jan Schamhartstraat 5f, 8121CM Olst, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-570-561-664'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.525349,6.4197765)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ommen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ommen, Chevalleraustraat 6, 7731EE Ommen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-529-452-158'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.96129,4.54291)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ommoord'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ommoord, Briandplaats 21, 3068 JJ Rotterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6371'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7435271,5.1406597)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Onderdijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Onderdijk, Sportlaan 12, 1693 CZ Wervershoof, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.03712,7.0397348)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Onstwedde'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Onstwedde, Boslaan 50, 9591 BK Onstwedde, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0888051,5.089665)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oog in Al'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oog in Al, Everard Meijsterlaan 1a, 3533CK Utrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-30-286-1955'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.855102,5.9400186)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ooij'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ooij, Prins Bernhardstraat 3, 6576BB Ooij, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.4677808,3.6048608)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oost-Souburg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'ZB Oost-Souburg, Dongestraat 1, 4388JV Oost-Souburg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-118-654-120'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.87717,5.84334)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oosterhout - De Klif'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oosterhout - De Klif, Pijlpuntstraat 1, 6515DJ Nijmegen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.6458408,4.8608678)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oosterhout Centrum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oosterhout Centrum, Torenstraat 8, 4901EJ Oosterhout, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-85-744-1052'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.6585543,4.8644966)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oosterhout Dommelbergen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oosterhout Dommelbergen, Arkendonk 90, 4907XP Oosterhout, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-85-744-1052'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.6284338,4.8587223)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oosterhout Oosterheide'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oosterhout Oosterheide, Bloemenhof 2, 4904CA Oosterhout, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-85-744-1052'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8441046,5.3849607)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ophemert'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ophemert, Blankenburgsestraat 3, 4061 AR Ophemert, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9319108,5.6276707)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Opheusden'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Opheusden, Dokter G van Empelstraat 15, 4043 LZ Opheusden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7043209,4.9473936)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Opmeer'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Opmeer, Breestraat 15, 1716 DA Opmeer, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.3941117,4.3323237)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ossendrecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ossendrecht, Meulenberg 6, 4641CL Ossendrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-164-243-450'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1063122,7.0056057)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oude Pekela'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Oude Pekela, Sportlaan 4, 9665 HT Oude Pekela, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.76127,5.78581)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Overasselt'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Overasselt, Willem Alexanderstraat 1, 6611CE Overasselt, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9350926,4.4290857)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Overschie'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Overschie, Hoge Schiehof 39, 3042 AZ Rotterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6372'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1148908,5.111179)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Overvecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Overvecht, Gloriantdreef 1, 3562KW Utrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-30-286-1920'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8280766,4.6850648)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Papendrecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Papendrecht, Veerweg 135, 3351 HC Papendrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0916222,5.064352)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Parkwijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Parkwijk, Kruidenlaan 1, 3541BA Utrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-30-286-1970'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1484106,6.4993715)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Peize'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Peize, Esweg 2, 9321BN Peize, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8430'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3858869,6.2768179)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Raalte'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Raalte, Passage 6, 8102EW Raalte, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-572-363-637'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.6976753,4.8737319)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Raamsdonksveer'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Raamsdonksveer, Keizersdijk 30, 4941GE Raamsdonksveer, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-85-744-1052'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.86992,4.60124)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ridderkerk Centrum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ridderkerk Centrum, St. Jorisplein 77, 2981 GD Ridderkerk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5896294,4.9071622)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Rijen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Rijen, A. Adriaansenpad 1, 5121VS Rijen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-85-744-1052'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1898781,4.4435159)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Rijnsburg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Rijnsburg, Burgemeester Koomansplein 1, 2231DA Rijnsburg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-71-402-4171'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3078081,6.5227012)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Rijssen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Rijssen, Kerkstraat 4, 7461LC Rijssen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-548-513-431'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.139851,6.4294479)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Roden'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Roden, Heerestraat 178, 9301AH Roden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8245'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1945223,4.6255224)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Roelofarendsveen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Roelofarendsveen, Schoolplein 7, 2371EK Roelofarendsveen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-71-331-2220'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.1942953,5.9857115)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Roermond'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Roermond, Neerstraat 11, 6041KA Roermond, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-475-519-000'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6126616,6.1838072)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Rouveen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Rouveen, Korte Kerkweg 23, 7954GC Rouveen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-522-462-044'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9049388,4.2468596)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Rozenburg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Rozenburg, Molenweg 20, 3181 AT Rozenburg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6373'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9805817,5.9048654)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Rozet Arnhem'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Rozet Arnhem, Kortestraat 16, 6811EP Arnhem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-26-354-3100'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7587964,6.3522069)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ruinen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ruinen, Meester Harm Smeengestraat 56, 7963BZ Ruinen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8444'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7235509,6.2515855)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ruinerwold'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ruinerwold, Dijkhuizen 66, 7961AM Ruinerwold, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8445'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6344143,5.1219979)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schellinkhout'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schellinkhout, Dorpsweg 118, 1697 KG Schellinkhout, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.084693,5.4898798)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Scherpenzeel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Scherpenzeel, Marktstraat 59, 3925JP Scherpenzeel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-33-277-3107'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.10281,4.27912)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Scheveningen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Scheveningen, Scheveningseweg 333, 2584 AA Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-8620'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9599642,4.4717142)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schiebroek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schiebroek, Peppelweg 87a, 3053 GE Rotterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6374'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9331906,4.375652)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schiedam De Nieuwe Harg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schiedam De Nieuwe Harg, Hargplein 116, 3121VG Schiedam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-714-6300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9046727,4.4031663)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schiedam Hof in Zuid'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schiedam Hof in Zuid, Nieuwe Maasstraat 68d, 3114TM Schiedam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-714-6300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9176272,4.3962976)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schiedam Korenbeurs'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schiedam Korenbeurs, Lange Haven 145, 3111CD Schiedam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-714-6300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9156133,4.4037165)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schiedam Singel 24'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schiedam Singel 24, Singel 24, 3112GP Schiedam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-714-6300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9127199,4.3926644)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schiedam WOT Centrum West'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schiedam WOT Centrum West, Sint Liduinastraat 58a, 3117 CV Schiedam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-714-6300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9380821,4.370517)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schiedam Wijkcentrum De Brug'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schiedam Wijkcentrum De Brug, Heijermansplein 35, 3123LA Schiedam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-714-6300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0689042,4.3141238)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schilderswijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schilderswijk, Koningstraat 439, 2515 JL Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-5285'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.714569,4.6827329)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schoorl'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Schoorl, Heereweg 150A, 1871EM Schoorl, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-72-515-6644'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.072389,4.2748307)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Segbroek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Segbroek, Weimarstraat 353, 2562 HL Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-5511'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.23143,6.54869)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Selwerd'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Selwerd, Eikenlaan 288-8, 9741EW Groningen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-50-571-0528'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2477501,6.8636425)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Siddeburen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Siddeburen, Hoofdweg 118, 9628 CS Siddeburen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6280552,6.5586341)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Slagharen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Slagharen, Dokter Willemslaan 150, 7776CD Slagharen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-523-682-334'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8235529,4.7721289)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Sliedrecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Sliedrecht, Scheldelaan 1, 3363 CK Sliedrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8734673,4.4785935)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Slinge'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Bibliotheek Slinge, Huis van de Wijk 'Het Middelpunt', Slinge 250, 3085 EX Rotterdam, Nederland"}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6206'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2202819,6.8053507)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Slochteren'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Slochteren, Hoofdweg 1-II, 9621 AA Slochteren, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.945958,6.4483896)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Smilde'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Smilde, Konining Julianastraat 65, 9422HB Smilde, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8265'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.509423,5.4937159)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Son en Breugel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Son en Breugel, Kerkstraat 2c, 5691AK Son en Breugel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-499-473-033'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4135403,4.6842274)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Spaarndam'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Spaarndam, Ringweg 36, 2064KK Spaarndam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-511-5300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.3919922,6.8386678)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Spijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Spijk, Ubbenasingel 3, 9909 AM Spijk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.6734929,5.0116851)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Sprang-Capelle'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De Bibliotheek Sprang-Capelle, Heistraat 20, 5161GG Sprang-Capelle, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-416-278-245'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.9889638,6.9566776)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Stadskanaal'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Stadskanaal, Continentenlaan 2, 9501 DG Stadskanaal, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.80247,4.71613)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Stadspolders Dordrecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dordrecht Stadspolders, Dudokplein 211, 3315 KH Dordrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6434649,6.2113228)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Staphorst'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Staphorst, Venneland 1, 7951HC Staphorst, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-522-462-044'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6974,5.23489)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Stede Broec'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Stede Broec, Stationslaan 2, 1611 KZ Bovenkarspel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5858478,4.3200014)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Steenbergen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Steenbergen, Blauwstraat 30, 4651GD Steenbergen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-164-243-450'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2631556,5.7596027)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Stiens'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Stiens, Pyter Jurjensstrjitte 17, 9051BR Stiens, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-58-234-7777'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.5713382,5.6428296)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Swifterbant'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Swifterbant, Zuidsingel 61, 8255CE Swifterbant, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-008-0755'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2766876,6.6960079)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ten Boer'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ten Boer, Koopmansplein 9, 9791MD Ten Boer, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1863'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1680212,4.7110972)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ter Aar'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ter Aar, Beukenpad 1, 2461DR Ter Aar, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-172-602-098'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.87426,7.06195)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ter Apel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ter Apel, Molenplein 25, 9561 KS Ter Apel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.6410168,4.7509994)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Terheijden'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Terheijden, Polderstraat 108, 4844BK Terheijden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-85-744-1052'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3054958,4.7525267)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek The Base Schiphol'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek The Base Schiphol, Evert van de Beekstraat 1, 1118CL Schiphol, Nederland'}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-566-4850'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8845787,5.4366236)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Tiel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Tiel, Rechtbankstraat 3, 4001 JR Tiel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5702702,5.0485733)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Bibliotheek Tilburg 't Sant"}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "De Bibliotheek 't Sant, Beneluxlaan 74, 5042WS Tilburg, Nederland"}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-13-468-3308'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.57851,5.00552)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Tilburg Heyhoef'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De Bibliotheek Heyhoef, Kerkenbosplaats 3, 5043RX Tilburg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-13-572-8010'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5613301,5.0858224)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Tilburg LocHal'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De Bibliotheek LocHal, Burgemeester Brokxlaan 1000, 5041SG Tilburg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-13-464-8500'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5833894,5.0847647)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Tilburg Wagnerplein'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De Bibliotheek Wagnerplein, Wagnerplein 4, 5011LP Tilburg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-13-547-0855'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0671043,4.2966797)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Transvaalkwartier'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Transvaalkwartier, Hobbemaplein 30, 2526 JB Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-7851'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1033548,5.124173)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Tuinwijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Tuinwijk, Ingen Houszstraat 8, 3514HW Utrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-30-286-1910'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7412331,5.0534808)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Twisk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Twisk, Beukenlaan 79, 1676 GS Twisk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.6097923,5.1425866)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Udenhout'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De Bibliotheek Udenhout, Tongerloplein 15, 5071CX Udenhout, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-13-511-6550'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.5195892,5.486443)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Uiterton'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Uiterton, Marktstraat 1, 8224MA Lelystad, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2329426,4.8315796)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Uithoorn'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Uithoorn, Dorpsstraat 43, 1421AS Uithoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-297-564-925'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.4084446,6.6737042)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Uithuizen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Uithuizen, Schoolstraat 22, 9981 AN Uithuizen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.416195,6.7235609)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Uithuizermeeden'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Uithuizermeeden, Oudedijksterweg 22, 9982 HE Uithuizermeeden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6640473,5.6020868)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Urk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Urk, Singel 9b, 8321GT Urk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-008-0770'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6269623,4.8940511)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ursem'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ursem, Middengouw 15, 1645 PN Ursem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2884676,5.9655509)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vaassen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vaassen, Kerkweg 16, 8171VR Vaassen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-578-571-659'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1807187,4.4326076)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Valkenburg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Valkenburg, Kerkweg 3, 2235BC Valkenburg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-71-407-3433'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1944158,5.4313447)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vathorst'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vathorst, Leeghwater 1-3, 3825MR Amersfoort, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-33-496-8208'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.107356,6.8763073)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Veendam'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Veendam, Museumplein 5e, 9641 AD Veendam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0273575,5.5594884)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Veenendaal'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Veenendaal, Kees Stipplein 74, 3901TP Veenendaal, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-318-582-669'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.4209084,5.4041785)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Veldhoven'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Veldhoven, Meiveld 2, 5501KA Veldhoven, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-40-253-2901'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4331462,4.6608218)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Velserbroek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Velserbroek, Maan Bastion 476, 1991RH Velserbroek, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-538-1901'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.66342,5.19984)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Venhuizen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Venhuizen, Twijver 66d, 1606 BW Venhuizen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2247992,6.5248243)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vinkhuizen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vinkhuizen, Siersteenlaan 480-6, 9743EZ Groningen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-50-577-8467'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9091422,4.3397147)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vlaardingen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vlaardingen, Waalstraat 100, 3131CS Vlaardingen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-434-3222'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9294344,4.350516)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vlaardingen Holy'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vlaardingen Holy, Koninginnelaan 773, 3136EZ Vlaardingen-Holy, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-474-3806'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9084433,4.3123879)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vlaardingen Kindcentrum PWA'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vlaardingen Kindcentrum PWA, Gansfoortstraat 5, 3132EM Vlaardingen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-232-7080'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.0265994,7.1068695)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vlagtwedde'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vlagtwedde, Dr. P. Rinsemastraat 7, 9541 AL Vlagtwedde, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.8575015,6.206885)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vledder'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vledder, Lesturgeonplein 6, 8381BX Vledder, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8475'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1063576,5.0116317)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vleuten-dorp'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vleuten-dorp, Dorpsstraat 1, 3451BH Vleuten, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-30-286-1965'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.4444824,3.5691138)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Vlissingen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'ZB Vlissingen, Spuikomweg 7, 4381LZ Vlissingen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-118-654-120'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(50.8821112,5.9273869)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Voerendaal'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Voerendaal, Furenthela 17, 6367TL Voerendaal, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-45-575-2471'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1830472,5.6060763)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Voorthuizen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Voorthuizen, Van den Berglaan 30, 3781GH Voorthuizen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-342-403-483'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.3918101,5.4618972)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Waalre'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Waalre, Koningin Julianalaan 19, 5582JV Waalre, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-40-260-4260'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.6892274,5.0691372)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Waalwijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De Bibliotheek Waalwijk, Wilhelminastraat 4a, 5141HK Waalwijk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-416-333-787'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9675573,5.665798)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wageningen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wageningen, Stationsstraat 2, 6701AM Wageningen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-317-413-352'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8225158,4.6538706)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Walburg Zwijndrecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zwijndrecht Walburg, Norderstedtplein 8, 3332 GK Zwijndrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4289062,6.0691886)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wapenveld'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wapenveld, Putterweg 2d, 8191AZ Wapenveld, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-38-447-8653'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.3918428,6.5533901)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Warffum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Warffum, Westervalge 5a, 9989 EB Warffum, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.6846048,4.9476775)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Waspik'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'De Bibliotheek Waspik, Schoolstraat 19, 5165TR Waspik, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-416-364-111'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0312024,4.2871554)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wateringse Veld'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wateringse Veld, Laan van Wateringse Veld 468, 2548 CL Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-6363'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.7296016,5.1567162)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wervershoof'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wervershoof, Kerkelaantje 1, 1693 EH Wervershoof, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.8483199,6.6106635)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Westerbork'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Westerbork, Zuidbrink 13, 9431AP Westerbork, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8280'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4646057,5.9944671)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wezep'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wezep, Mariënrade 3, 8091XS Wezep, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-38-376-1977'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3564478,6.5929183)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wierden'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wierden, Pouliestraat 2, 7642EB Wierden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-546-572-784'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6416391,5.165148)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wijdenes'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wijdenes, Molenweg 27, 1608 EC Wijdenes, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3881722,6.1349009)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wijhe'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wijhe, Kerkstraat 1, 8131BX Wijhe, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-6-20838083'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.14736,7.03377)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Winschoten'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Winschoten, Mr. D.U. Stikkerlaan 251, 9675 DG Winschoten, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.3317677,6.5141725)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Winsum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Winsum, Regnerus Praediniusstraat 2, 9951 CB Winsum, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.685821,5.0137789)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wognum'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Wognum, Conferencelaan 11, 1687 RA Wognum, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-228-743-943'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.169838,4.6327734)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Woubrugge'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Woubrugge, Cornelis Kempenaarlaan 2, 2481XB Woubrugge, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-172-766-112'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0817375,5.4175759)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Woudenberg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Woudenberg, Dorpsstraat 40, 3931EH Woudenberg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-33-286-3010'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0415963,4.3706405)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ypenburg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ypenburg, Schrabber 8, 2496 SR Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-8611'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8034576,5.2321253)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zaltbommel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zaltbommel, Courtine 2a, 5301 DH Zaltbommel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3719,4.53332)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zandvoort'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zandvoort, Louis Davidscarré 1, 2042LZ Zandvoort, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-511-5300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3308504,5.5416925)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zeewolde'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zeewolde, Kerkstraat 2, 3891ET Zeewolde, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-008-0760'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9278408,5.7129212)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zetten'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zetten, Schweitzerpark 2a, 6671BR Zetten, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1184314,4.4959915)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zoeterwoude-Dorp'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zoeterwoude-Dorp, Het Veldboeket 3, 2381JK Zoeterwoude-Dorp, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-71-580-3035'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.1614407,6.8610594)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zuidbroek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zuidbroek, W.A. Scholtenweg 18, 9636 BS Zuidbroek, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.24459,6.40338)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zuidhorn'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zuidhorn, Jellemaweg 3, 9801 CG Zuidhorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6715312,6.4289521)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zuidwolde'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zuidwolde, Hoofdstraat 110, 7921AR Zuidwolde, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8290'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1133977,5.0874259)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zuilen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zuilen, Zwanenvechtlaan 4, 3554GL Utrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-30-286-1930'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3767151,4.748797)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zwanenburg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zwanenburg, Olmenlaan 139, 1161JV Zwanenburg, Nederland'}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-497-4415'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8238279,5.7977373)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zwanenveld'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Zwanenveld, Zwanenveld 9098, 6538SC Nijmegen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6581966,6.289634)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek afhaalpunt IJhorst'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek afhaalpunt IJhorst, Kamperfoeliestraat 4a, 7955AH IJhorst, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-522-462-044'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2387919,7.034954)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek breng- en haalpunt Overdinkel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek breng- en haalpunt Overdinkel, Prins Hendrikstraat 1, 7586BG Overdinkel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-53-536-1850'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6767626,6.2909147)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek de Wijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek de Wijk, Postweg 43a, 7957BV De Wijk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-012-8210'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0940625,5.0116907)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek en Droppoint Vleuterweide'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek en Droppoint Vleuterweide, Burchtpoort 16, 3452MD Vleuten, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-30-286-1985'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5657,4.8304967)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Bibliotheek haal- en brengpunt Bavel - Dorpshuis 't Klooster"}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Haal- en brengpunt Bavel - Dorpshuis 't Klooster, Jack van Gilsplein 1, 4854CB Bavel, Nederland"}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-161-433-918'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5880916,4.8025816)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek haal- en brengpunt Breda Brabantpark - Apotheek Brabantpark'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Haal- en brengpunt Breda Brabantpark - Apotheek Brabantpark, Hooghout 65, 4817EA Breda, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-76-521-3962'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5729336,4.7511568)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek haal- en brengpunt Breda West - Ontmoetingscentrum De Vlieren'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Haal- en brengpunt Breda West - Ontmoetingscentrum De Vlieren, Mgr. Nolensplein 1, 4812JC Breda, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-76-514-2855'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.950948,4.5928356)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek haal- en brengpunt Capelle Schollevaar'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek haal- en brengpunt Capelle Schollevaar, Louvre 1, 2907WD Capelle aan den IJssel, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1938046,4.4244188)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek haal- en brengpunt De Roskam'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek haal- en brengpunt De Roskam, Turfmarkt 2, 2223EH Katwijk, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.6068113,4.7883534)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek haal- en brengpunt Hoge Vucht - Vuchterhage'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Haal- en brengpunt Hoge Vucht - Vuchterhage, Antwerpenstraat 93, 4826HB Breda, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-76-572-9333'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5998006,4.7173071)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek haal- en brengpunt Prinsenbeek - Boekendonck (Hagedonk)'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Haal- en brengpunt Prinsenbeek - Boekendonck (Hagedonk), Markt 5a1, 4841AA Prinsenbeek, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-117-2900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5516139,4.7950965)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek haal- en brengpunt Ulvenhout - De Donk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Haal- en brengpunt Ulvenhout - De Donk, Slotlaan 15, 4851EA Ulvenhout, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-76-563-1100'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4956405,4.5924236)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek jeugdservicepunt Wijk aan Zee'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek jeugdservicepunt Wijk aan Zee, Dorpsduinen 12-14, 1949EG Wijk aan Zee, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-251-374-342'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4172699,5.877917)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Bibliotheek servicepunt 't Harde"}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Bibliotheek servicepunt 't Harde, Herenveldweg 7, 8084EK 't Harde, Nederland"}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-525-653-026'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6778105,6.488065)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Alteveer-Kerkenveld'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Alteveer-Kerkenveld, Jan Haarstraat 12, 7927TC Alteveer, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-528-361-260'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6495825,6.6184239)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt De Krim'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt De Krim, Planetenstraat 5a, 7782RN De Krim, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-6-45861601'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3166146,6.9862726)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt De Lutte'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt De Lutte, Plechelmusstraat 14, 7587AM De Lutte, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-541-522-009'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3330098,6.280498)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Heeten'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Heeten, Dorpsstraat 16, 8111AD Heeten, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(50.8566454,6.0265822)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Kerkrade-West'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Kerkrade-West, Akerstraat 31, 6466HA Kerkrade, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-45-541-3708'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4953277,6.6704069)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Kloosterhaar'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Kloosterhaar, Dorpsstraat 17, 7694AA Kloosterhaar, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-6-38714280'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5711486,4.4107877)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Kruisland'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Kruisland, West Zandberg 47, 4756BP Kruisland, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-164-243-450'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6110498,6.5763698)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Lutten'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Lutten, Gouden Regenstraat 21, 7775AX Lutten, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-523-682-285'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4043298,6.3679786)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Luttenberg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Luttenberg, Butzelaarstraat 22, 8105AR Luttenberg, Nederland'}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-572-301-302'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9351061,4.2722157)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Maasland'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Maasland, Kluisweer 2, 3155BJ Maasland, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-6-11845764'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3847443,6.3246231)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Marienheem'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Marienheem, De Veenhorst 2, 8106BB Marienheem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.5115156,6.5773642)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Mariënberg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Mariënberg, Stationsweg 18, 7692AC Mariënberg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-6-49834612'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3272745,6.3448989)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Nieuw Heeten'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Nieuw Heeten, Zwarteweg 24, 8112AD Nieuw Heeten, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.588441,4.2170916)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Nieuw-Vossemeer'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Nieuw-Vossemeer, Kloosterstraat 4, 4681AT Nieuw-Vossemeer, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-164-243-450'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9764642,4.3167383)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Schipluiden'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Schipluiden, Keenenburgweg 10, 2636GM Schipluiden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-15-380-9257'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(50.8341119,5.975716)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Simpelveld'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Simpelveld, Scheelenstraat 98, 6369VZ Simpelveld, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-45-544-3986'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6596347,4.7850064)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Sint Pancras'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek servicepunt Sint Pancras, Vinkenlaan 7, 1834GN Sint Pancras, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4177241,5.8172478)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpost Doornspijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpost Doornspijk, Thornspic 13, 8085BW Doornspijk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-525-662-122'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.43064,5.84032)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpost Hoge Enk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpost Hoge Enk, Oude Harderwijkerweg 63a, 8085PE Doornspijk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-525-686-899'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.4666303,5.549687)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Archipel Jo van Dijkhof'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Archipel Jo van Dijkhof, Jo van Dijkhof 110, 5672DA Nuenen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-40-284-5229'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.5068064,5.4891661)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Berkenstaete Son en Breugel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Berkenstaete Son en Breugel, De Bontstraat 71, 5691SV Son en Breugel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-499-333-000'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4521051,4.6030904)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt De Moerberg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt De Moerberg, Zuiderkruisstraat 74, 1973XM IJmuiden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-255-525-353'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4706695,4.6449189)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt De Schulpen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt De Schulpen, Wijkerstraatweg 77, 1951EB Velsen-Noord, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-255-525-353'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3175118,5.9737885)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Emst'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Emst, Ds. van Rhijnstraat 69, 8166AL Emst, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.473826,6.0228942)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Hattemerbroek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Hattemerbroek, Leeuwerikstraat 21, 8094AH Hattemerbroek, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9591278,4.4944888)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Hillegersberg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Uitleenpunt Hillegersberg, Argonautenweg 1, 3054 RP Rotterdam, Nederland'}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6100'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4461502,4.6437511)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Huis ter Hagen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Huis ter Hagen, Lodewijk van Deyssellaan 254, 1985CV Driehuis, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-255-525-353'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.4171638,5.5635393)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Kastanjehof Geldrop'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Kastanjehof Geldrop, Kastanjehof 2, 5664RS Geldrop, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-40-412-2624'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(50.8760025,5.8822928)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Klimmen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Klimmen, Houtstraat 25a, 6343BJ Klimmen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-45-405-3376'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3429444,6.0473279)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Oene'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Oene, Dorpsstraat 14-16, 8167NL Oene, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4658999,5.8916643)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Oosterwolde'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Oosterwolde, Schiksweg 12, 8097SG Oosterwolde, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(50.8636518,5.8934344)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Ransdaal'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Ransdaal, Ransdalerstraat 64, 6312AJ Ransdaal, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-43-459-2769'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.4390835,5.6188914)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Savant Hof van Bethanië'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt Savant Hof van Bethanië, Heer van Scherpenzeelweg 9, 5731EG Mierlo, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-492-502-000'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4691,4.64619)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt en Boekspot De Stek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek uitleenpunt en Boekspot De Stek, Heirweg 2, 1951CD Velsen-Noord, Nederland'}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-255-525-353'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.3499459,5.6116734)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheekpunt Sterksel - Dorpshuis Valentijn'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheekpunt Sterksel - Dorpshuis Valentijn, Valentijn 3, 6029RJ Sterksel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-40-304-3002'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2530729,5.3314514)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheekservicepunt Eemdijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Eemdijk, Vaartweg 5, 3745NA Eemdijk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-33-298-1646'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.48192,6.636495)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheekservicepunt Sibculo'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheekservicepunt Sibculo, Schoolstraat 4, 7693PH Sibculo, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-523-241-666'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.6000468,4.8907497)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheeksteunpunt Schermer'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheeksteunpunt Schermer, Hornplein 8, 1636XE Schermerhorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-72-515-6644'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.158934,5.962537176)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Beekbergen - Openbare school, Dorpstraat'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Beekbergen - Openbare school, Dorpstraat 28, 7361AV Beekbergen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1601363,5.9659213)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Beekbergen - Papenberg bij ’t Hoge Pad'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Beekbergen - Papenberg bij 't Hoge Pad, Papenberg 5, 7361BR Beekbergen, Nederland"}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2567326,5.9902803)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Beemte - School Beemte, Beemterweg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Beemte - School Beemte, Beemterweg 31, 7341PC Beemte Broekland, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2042807,5.9659291)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Brummelhof - School De Fakkel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Brummelhof - School De Fakkel, Roerdompweg 3, 7331CL Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1177654,5.881892)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Hoenderloo - Dorpshuis, Paalbergweg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Hoenderloo - Dorpshuis, Paalbergweg 26, 7351AG Hoenderloo, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2325231,5.9671942)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Kerschoten - School De Rank'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Kerschoten - School De Rank, Boerhaavestraat 111, 7316LE Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2337861,5.9656009)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Kerschoten - Sterrenschool, Buys Ballotstraat'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Kerschoten - Sterrenschool, Buys Ballotstraat 62, 7316LB Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.22964,5.95894)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Kerschoten - Winkelcentrum Mercatorplein'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Kerschoten - Winkelcentrum Mercatorplein, Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1680676,6.0637738)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Klarenbeek - School De Dalk, Klarenbeekseweg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Klarenbeek - School De Dalk, Klarenbeekseweg 129, 7381BE Klarenbeek, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1636915,5.9843314)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Lieren - Prinses Julianaschool, Tullekensmolenweg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Lieren - Prinses Julianaschool, Tullekensmolenweg 77, 7364BA Lieren, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1138389,6.0186643)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Loenen - De Bruisbeek, Loenerdrift'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Loenen - De Bruisbeek, Loenerdrift 80, 7371CM Loenen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1226947,6.021276)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Loenen - School De Poort, Hoofdweg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Loenen - School De Poort, Hoofdweg 53, 7371AE Loenen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1157594,6.0205456)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Loenen - School De Tweede Stee, Reuweg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Loenen - School De Tweede Stee, Reuweg 18, 7371BZ Loenen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1582552,6.0068594)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Oosterhuizen - School Oosterhuizen, Het Oude Veen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Oosterhuizen - School Oosterhuizen, Het Oude Veen 17, 7364BZ Lieren, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.202303,5.9310077)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Orden - Wijkcentrum Orca, Germanenlaan'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Orden - Wijkcentrum Orca, Germanenlaan 360, 7312JJ Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2153906,5.9967018)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Osseveld-West - School De Bundel, Anna Bijnsring'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Osseveld-West - School De Bundel, Anna Bijnsring 201, 7321HG Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2551231,5.7798369)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Uddel - Dorpshuis ’t Blanke Schot'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Uddel - Dorpshuis 't Blanke Schot, Garderenseweg 33, 3888LA Uddel, Nederland"}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2019387,5.9706496)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Vogelkwartier - Meester Lugtmeijerschool, 1e Wormenseweg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Vogelkwartier - Meester Lugtmeijerschool, 1e Wormenseweg 158, 7331MR Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.21063,5.98345)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Welgelegen-Zuid, Fortunalaan'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Welgelegen-Zuid, Fortunalaan, Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2548017,5.9628771)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Wenum - Beatrixschool, Papegaaiweg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Wenum - Beatrixschool, Papegaaiweg 95, 7345DL Wenum Wiesel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1977294,5.9564375)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Westenenk - Rietendakschool, Zilverweg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Westenenk - Rietendakschool, Zilverweg 29, 7335DC Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.19218,5.9595)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Winkewijert - Willem van Oranjeschool'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Winkewijert - Willem van Oranjeschool, Kobaltstraat 15, 7334AL Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2358801,5.9973631)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Zuidbroek - Het Kristal, Distelvlinderlaan'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Boekenbus Apeldoorn, halte Zuidbroek - Het Kristal, Distelvlinderlaan 200, 7323XB Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1823286,5.9348702)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Buurtbibliotheek Apeldoorn Ugchelens Belang'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'CODA Ugchelens Belang (Buurtbibliotheek), Bogaardslaan 81, 7339AN Ugchelen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-6-22202895'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.095737,4.3164207)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Buurtbibliotheek Benoordenhout'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Buurtbibliotheek Benoordenhout, Goetlijfstraat 5, 2596 RH Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-7550'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0356015,4.2649606)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Buurtbibliotheek Bouwlust-Vrederust'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Buurtbibliotheek Bouwlust-Vrederust, Ambachtsgaarde 3, 2542 ED Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-8030'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0549172,4.3039721)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Buurtbibliotheek Moerwijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Buurtbibliotheek Moerwijk, Van Ruysbroekstraat 7, 2531 TG Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-6363'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0529682,4.3168613)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Buurtbibliotheek Spoorwijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Buurtbibliotheek Spoorwijk, Van Meursstraat 1, 2524 XN Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-7570'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.21538,5.95845)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'CODA Centrale Bibliotheek Apeldoorn'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'CODA Centrale Bibliotheek, Vosselmanstraat 299, 7311CL Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-55-526-8462'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1589224,5.3824207)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Centrale Bibliotheek Amersfoort Het Eemhuis'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Centrale Bibliotheek Amersfoort Het Eemhuis, Eemplein 71, 3812EA Amersfoort, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-33-463-1914'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.07743115,4.315999145)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Centrale Bibliotheek Den Haag'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Centrale Bibliotheek, Spui 68, 2511 BT Den Haag, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-70-353-4455'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4610936,4.6233078)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Centrale Bibliotheek IJmuiden'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Centrale Bibliotheek IJmuiden, Dudokplein 16, 1971EP IJmuiden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-255-525-353'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.92106,4.48911)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Centrale Bibliotheek Rotterdam'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Centrale Bibliotheek Rotterdam, Hoogstraat 110, 3011PV Rotterdam, Nederland'}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6100'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0915106,5.1191159)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Centrale Bibliotheek Utrecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Centrale Bibliotheek, Oudegracht 167, 3511AL Utrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-30-286-1825'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2191018,6.8933855)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Centrale bibliotheek Enschede'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enschede / Centrale bibliotheek, Pijpenstraat 15, 7511GM Enschede, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-53-480-4804'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3010493,4.6978423)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Edutheek Bibliotheek Haarlemmermeer'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Edutheek Bibliotheek Haarlemmermeer, Raadhuisplein 7, 2132TZ Hoofddorp, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-566-4840'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2628288,7.0059411)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Fundament - Bibliotheek Losser'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Fundament - Bibliotheek Losser, Raadhuisplein 1, 7581AG Losser, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-53-538-2137'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2430882,6.5290584)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor Biblionet Groningen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor Biblionet Groningen, De Mudden 18, 9747AW Groningen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-506-1911'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4781819,5.5015475)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor Bibliotheek FlevoMeer'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor Bibliotheek FlevoMeer , Albert Einsteinweg 4, 8218NH Lelystad , Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-88-008-0700'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.38054,4.63066)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor Stichting Bibliotheek Zuid-Kennemerland'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor Stichting Bibliotheek Zuid-Kennemerland, Gasthuisstraat 32, 2011XP Haarlem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-23-511-5300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1589224,5.3824207)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor Stichting Bibliotheken Eemland'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor Stichting Bibliotheken Eemland, Eemplein 71, 3812EA Amersfoort, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-33-463-1914'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8453713,5.86686)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor Stichting Openbare Bibliotheek Gelderland Zuid'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor Bibliotheek Gelderland Zuid, Marienburg 29, 6511PS Nijmegen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-24-327-4911'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.5758295,6.6228007)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor Stichting Openbare Bibliotheken Hardenberg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor Stichting Openbare Bibliotheken Hardenberg, Parkweg 1a5, 7772XP Hardenberg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-523-270-271'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.091656341,5.119627565)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor Stichting de Bibliotheek Utrecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor Stichting de Bibliotheek Utrecht, Oudegracht 167, 3511AL Utrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-30-286-1800'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(53.2001111,5.8005258)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor dbieb, Stichting Bibliotheken Midden Fryslân'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Hoofdkantoor dbieb, Stichting Bibliotheken Midden Fryslân, Blokhuisplein 40, 8911LJ Leeuwarden, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-58-234-7777'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1688211,5.3910188)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Huiskamerbibliotheek zorgcentrum De Koperhorst'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Huiskamerbibliotheek zorgcentrum De Koperhorst, Paladijnenweg 275, 3813KA Amersfoort, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-33-463-1914'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1505086,5.4010114)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Huiskamerbibliotheek zorgcentrum Nijenstede'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Huiskamerbibliotheek zorgcentrum Nijenstede, Heiligenbergerweg 84, 3816AM Amersfoort, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-33-463-1914'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.216499,6.0067153)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugd- en Buurtbibliotheek Apeldoorn De Regenboog'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'CODA De Regenboog (Jeugd- en Buurtbibliotheek), Keerkring 70, 7325EA Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-6-11182145'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.22528,5.98329)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugd- en Buurtbibliotheek Apeldoorn Prinses Margrietschool'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'CODA Prinses Margrietschool (Jeugd- en Buurtbibliotheek), Sluisoordlaan 198, 7322EL Apeldoorn, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-6-21518156'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.004084,5.911696)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Alteveer'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ',5.911696000000006'}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Alteveer, Beethovenlaan 78, 6815BM Arnhem, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9470968,5.8594146)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte De Laar West - Brabantweg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ',5.859414000000015'}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte De Laar West - Brabantweg, Brabantweg 115, 6844GA Arnhem, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9881064,5.8809763)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Heijenoord - Gentiaanstraat'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ',5.8807429999999385'}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Heijenoord - Gentiaanstraat, Gentiaanstraat 10, 6813ET Arnhem, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.959103,5.920837)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Immerloo - Brandenburgseplein'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ',5.920837000000006'}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Immerloo - Brandenburgseplein, Brandenburgseplein 271, 6834BH Arnhem, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.967847,5.9159154)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Malburgen-Oost - Malburcht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ',5.917102999999997'}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Malburgen-Oost - Malburcht, Graslaan 97, 6833CE Arnhem, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9691969,5.8977331)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Malburgen-West - De Spil'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ',5.897271000000046'}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Malburgen-West - De Spil, Lupinestraat 12, 6841GD Arnhem, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9395759,5.903116)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Rijkerswoerd - Emily Brontësingel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ',5.890464000000065'}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Rijkerswoerd - Emily Brontësingel, Emily Brontësingel 15, 6836VJ Arnhem, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9403057,5.894747)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Rijkerswoerd - Mr. J.M. Kempenaersingel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ',5.895044999999982'}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Rijkerswoerd - Mr. J.M. Kempenaersingel, Meester J.M. de Kempenaersingel 6, 6836MH Arnhem, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9541887,5.8469812)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Schuytgraaf - Albert Heijn'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ',5.843589000000065'}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Schuytgraaf - Albert Heijn, Marasingel 10, 6846DX Arnhem, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.957662,5.838568)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Schuytgraaf - Salamander'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ',5.838568000000009'}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliobus Arnhem, halte Schuytgraaf - Salamander, Meikers 3, 6846HR Arnhem, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.1836277,5.9486564)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliotheek Apeldoorn De Bouwhof'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'CODA De Bouwhof (Jeugdbibliotheek), Nijenbeek 8, 7339KP Ugchelen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-6-29006912'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.23181,6.89583)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliotheek Prismare Enschede'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Enschede / Jeugdbibliotheek Prismare, Roomweg 165h, 7523BM Enschede, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-53-434-8139'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9429556,4.3657598)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliotheek Schiedam De Klinker'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliotheek Schiedam De Klinker, Bernardus IJzerdraatsingel 1, 3123CC Schiedam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-714-6300'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.10483,5.0434)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliotheek Waterwin'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Jeugdbibliotheek Waterwin, Musicallaan 106, 3543BT Utrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-30-286-1975'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9142065,4.5623313)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Kinderbibliotheek Capelle 's-Gravenland"}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Kinderbibliotheek Capelle 's-Gravenland, Jan de Geusrede 39f, 2901CN Capelle aan den IJssel, Nederland"}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.45006,3.5898)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Mediatheek Hogeschool Zeeland'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Mediatheek HZ University of Applied Sciences, Edisonweg 4, 4382NW  Vlissingen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-118-489-280'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4080958,4.9168938)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Banne'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Banne, Bezaanjachtplein 249, 1034CR Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-631-4132'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3154929,4.953512)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Bijlmerplein'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Bijlmerplein, Bijlmerplein 393, 1102DK Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-523-0900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3787404,4.8512146)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Bos en Lommer'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Bos en Lommer, Bos en Lommerweg 233, 1055DV Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-523-0900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3326071,4.8759451)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Buitenveldert'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Buitenveldert, Willem van Weldammelaan 5, 1082LT Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-523-0900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.35329,4.90622)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA CC Amstel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA CC Amstel, Culinanplein 1, 1074 JN Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-662-3184'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.366904,4.8688921)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA De Hallen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA De Hallen, Hannie Dankbaarpassage 10, 1053RT Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-616-3275'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3414979,4.9612808)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Diemen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Diemen, Wilhelminaplantsoen 126, 1111CP Diemen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-690-2353'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3324721,4.9385384)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Duivendrecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Duivendrecht, Dorpsplein 60, 1115CX Duivendrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-695-2282'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3780277,4.8025806)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Geuzenveld'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Geuzenveld, Albardakade 3, 1067DD Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-523-0900'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3566548,4.996847)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA IJburg'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA IJburg, Diemerparklaan 79, 1087GN Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-416-6945'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3641458,4.9388798)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Javaplein'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Javaplein, Javaplein 2, 1094HW Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-668-1565'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.358075,4.9262497)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Linnaeus'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Linnaeus, Linnaeusstraat 44, 1092CL Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-694-0773'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3693887,4.8502319)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Mercatorplein'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Mercatorplein, Mercatorplein 89, 1057CA Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-612-6574'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.4178054,4.8929718)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Molenwijk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Molenwijk, Molenwijk 21, 1035EG Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-631-4212'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3453125,4.85578)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Olympisch Kwartier'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Olympisch Kwartier, Laan der Hesperiden 18, 1076DN Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-676-9220'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.37616,4.9082)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Oosterdok (Centrale)'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Oosterdok (Centrale), Oosterdokskade 143, 1011DL Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-523-0900'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3589218,4.8068695)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Osdorp'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Osdorp, Osdorpplein 16, 1068EL Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-610-7454'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.2953275,4.9075754)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Ouderkerk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Ouderkerk, Koningin Julianalaan 15, 1191CD Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-496-1366'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.296222,4.9761618)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Reigersbos'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Reigersbos, Rossumplein 1, 1106AX Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-696-5723'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3525874,4.8825724)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Roelof Hartplein'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Roelof Hartplein, Roelof Hartplein 430, 1071TT Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-662-0094'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3793298,4.8201747)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Slotermeer'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Slotermeer, Slotermeerlaan 103e, 1063JN Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-613-1067'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3559939,4.8256208)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Slotervaart'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Slotervaart, Pieter Calandlaan 87b, 1065KK Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-523-0900'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3889092,4.8799997)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Spaarndammerbuurt'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Spaarndammerbuurt, Spaarndammerstraat 490, 1013SZ Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-682-7026'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3796205,4.8720052)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Staatsliedenbuurt'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Staatsliedenbuurt, Van Hallstraat 615, 1051HE Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-682-3986'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3909375,4.9117961)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Van der Pek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Van der Pek, Gentiaanstraat 1, 1031AE Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-636-9552'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.3931052,4.9549234)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Waterlandplein'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'OBA Waterlandplein, Waterlandplein 302, 1024NB Amsterdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-20-636-5885'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9807831,5.904308)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Pluscollectie Bibliotheek Arnhem'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Pluscollectie Bibliotheek Arnhem, Kortestraat 16, 6811EP Arnhem, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-26-354-3155'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9617013,5.8618218)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'SWOA-biebpunt De Gaanderij'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'SWOA-biebpunt De Gaanderij, Driemondplein 1, 6843AN Arnhem, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.0039373,5.9423836)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'SWOA-biebpunt MFC de Wetering'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'SWOA-biebpunt MFC de Wetering, Bonte Wetering 89, 6823JC Arnhem, Nederland'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9555103,4.9621087)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Ameide'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Ameide, Prinsengracht 30, 4233 EW Ameide, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8723937,4.7832548)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Bleskensgraaf'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Bleskensgraaf, Burgemeester Dekkingstraat 1, 2971 AC Bleskensgraaf, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8924575,4.5792452)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Bolnes Ridderkerk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ridderkerk Bolnes, Noordstraat 255a, 2987 CR Ridderkerk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8239651,4.8845321)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Boven-Hardinxveld'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Boven-Hardinxveld, Rembrandthof 85, 3372 XV Hardinxveld-Giessendam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.7925931,4.6981566)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Dubbeldam Dordrecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dordrecht Dubbeldam, Vijverlaan 1014, 3319 PK Dordrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8349051,4.9608966)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Gorinchem Het Gebouw'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': "Servicepunt Gorinchem 'Het Gebouw', Vroedschapstraat 11, 4204 AJ Gorinchem, Nederland"}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9240592,4.8217493)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Groot-Ammers'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Groot-Ammers, Margrietstraat 12, 2964 CE Groot-Ammers, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8342758,4.5640387)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Heerjansdam'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Heerjansdam, Sportlaan 6, 2995 VN Heerjansdam, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9635677,5.0333362)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Lexmond'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Lexmond, Gregoriuslaan 44, 4128 SZ Lexmond, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8143817,4.6023327)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Lunenhof Zwijndrecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Lunenhof Zwijndrecht, Moermond 57, 3334 CL Zwijndrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9204653,4.9957)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Meerkerk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Meerkerk, Prinses Marijkeweg 1, 4231 BP Meerkerk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8871058,4.6824299)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Nieuw-Lekkerland'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Nieuw-Lekkerland, Raadhuisplein 1, 2957 RK Nieuw-Lekkerland, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9306078,4.8741061)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Nieuwpoort'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Nieuwpoort, Waterlinie 6, 2965 CC Nieuwpoort, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8849161,4.604296)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Slikkerveer Ridderkerk'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Ridderkerk Slikkerveer, Reijerweg 62, 2983 AT Ridderkerk, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.7848671,4.6767646)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Servicepunt Sterrenburg Dordrecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Bibliotheek Dordrecht Sterrenburg, P.A. de Kok-plein 176, 3318 JW Dordrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(52.253322,6.152572)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Stadsarchief en Athenaeumbibliotheek'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8145238,4.6648565)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Stadsbibliotheek Dordrecht'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Stadsbibliotheek Dordrecht, Groenmarkt 153, 3311 BD Dordrecht, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-78-620-5500'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.92448,4.46995)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Stationsbibliotheek Rotterdam Centraal'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Stationsbibliotheek, StationsHuiskamer op Rotterdam Centraal Station, Stationsplein 18b, 3013 AJ Rotterdam, Nederland'}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-10-281-6155'}, 'image': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8853943,5.5459884)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Boven-Leeuwen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Boven-Leeuwen, Pastoor Schoenmakersstraat 5, 6657 CB Boven-Leeuwen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8141786,5.0926245)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Brakel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Brakel, Molenkampsweg 3, 5306 VN Brakel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8902209,5.6643959)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Deest'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Deest, Kloosterhof 30, 6653BS Deest, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8840328,5.2459089)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Deil'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Deil, Ringelesteinstraat 2, 4158 CP Deil, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8547778,5.6090658)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Horssen'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Horssen, Rijdt 38, 6631 AT Horssen, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.9457687,5.2348588)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Lek en Linge'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Lek en Linge, Multatulilaan 6, 4103 NM Culemborg, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8199371,5.5353727)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Maasbommel'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Maasbommel, Meester van de Venstraat 2, 6627 AG Maasbommel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.7636824,5.1667443)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Nederhemert'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Nederhemert, Schoolstraat 8, 5317 JS Nederhemert, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8676547,5.4053427)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Tiel-Passewaaij'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Tiel-Passewaaij, Hooibeestje 3, 4007 HD Tiel, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}, {'coordinates': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '(51.8248737,5.0489027)'}, 'itemLabel': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Vuren'}, 'website': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'address': {'xml:lang': 'nl', 'type': 'literal', 'value': 'Zelfservice Bibliotheekpunt Vuren, Mildijk 111, 4214 DR Vuren, Nederland'}, 'email': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'phone': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '+31-344-639-940'}}]}}
# Convert coordinates string tuple like '(51.86132,4.99204)' into coordinates float tuple (51.86132,4.99204)
# See

for result in results["results"]["bindings"]:
    str_tuple = result['coordinates']['value']
    float_tuple = tuple(float(s) for s in str_tuple.strip("()").split(",")) 
    result['coordinates']['value'] = float_tuple 

[(51.86132, 4.99204), (53.1825842, 7.2063955), (53.2449773, 6.978697), (51.8566786, 4.3884626), (51.8571861, 4.4717617), (53.17614, 6.97188), (51.8731333, 6.2454886), (52.2679063, 4.7496987), (51.7841643, 5.1259789), (52.7313345, 5.0160659), (52.1365067, 5.4973655), (53.2599615, 6.4570135), (52.5633782, 4.7322704), (51.86473, 4.65723), (52.63346, 4.74329), (52.6535348, 4.7588585), (52.6340305, 4.7657342), (52.618834, 4.746962), (52.35731, 6.66154), (52.3940622, 5.2766666), (52.3363865, 5.2186265), (52.3459733, 5.1511196), (52.3712, 5.2206), (52.1302169, 4.6665075), (51.7506792, 5.2201121), (52.3031455, 4.8582323), (52.281472, 4.8260837), (52.7480265, 5.2207147), (51.9154331, 5.9556748), (52.1935377, 6.0037069), (52.19222, 5.9735438), (53.3208318, 6.8555762), (51.9581628, 5.8973571), (51.9806911, 5.9487595), (51.9524139, 5.8683071), (51.8806175, 5.1045091), (52.9946471, 6.558683), (51.4414079, 4.9263588), (52.2121967, 5.2931546), (52.3372851, 4.7798208), (53.3634121, 6.5141149), (52.599639, 6.3924253), (52.1403331, 5.5877823), (52.2101276, 6.7431278), (53.30199, 6.59927), (51.8313277, 5.9288985), (51.8868067, 5.1930425), (53.2491097, 6.6008124), (52.8605795, 6.5127028), (53.1073764, 7.1510036), (51.88823, 5.89421), (51.8777727, 5.516266), (52.3193856, 4.6014461), (52.7030175, 5.0134646), (52.6696634, 4.7033516), (51.4954501, 4.2859508), (52.5285154, 6.6176505), (51.5873853, 5.1369317), (52.6398631, 4.9986387), (51.5116928, 5.3965446), (51.5000761, 5.3831417), (51.8620136, 5.771956), (52.4866009, 4.658514), (52.4566861, 5.6914176), (53.1086035, 7.0740944), (52.4009986, 4.6182348), (50.8157359, 6.0039912), (51.849597222, 4.324752777), (52.0798075, 4.2684171), (52.3022979, 6.7581469), (52.0760436, 4.6560706), (52.9737389, 6.4800476), (52.1663723, 4.5090711), (52.1772347, 4.5043177), (52.1584323, 4.4931796), (52.1504661, 4.4538703), (52.1594145, 4.5285396), (51.58766, 4.77856), (51.623815, 4.7432848), (51.5688907, 4.7940441), (50.9387418, 5.970752539), (52.2530506, 5.3785464), (53.1928014, 5.9919202), (51.9317043, 4.5886421), (51.8485988, 4.5018405), (52.5517198, 4.6752715), (51.893778, 4.4670911), (51.7899803, 4.6631379), (51.9574438, 5.223026), (52.0087609, 4.3629297), (51.8480017, 5.8435591), (52.62786, 4.94746), (51.84541, 5.86633), (52.0801082, 5.0388408), (52.5540528, 4.848159), (52.7215282, 4.9999289), (53.1927447, 6.5680969), (53.1171242, 6.2534869), (52.6026628, 6.4570224), (51.9125405, 4.4417934), (51.99642, 4.34765), (53.3299846, 6.9267437), (52.003134, 4.331144), (51.9389282, 6.1296912), (52.8528604, 6.313289), (51.6379174, 4.3647439), (51.9090619, 5.6607362), (51.6269748, 4.9419711), (51.8906758, 6.0008965), (53.1522194, 6.762120771), (53.1044062, 6.0986522), (51.846106, 5.4329593), (52.5236844, 5.7193634), (51.8864962, 5.6023973), (52.8348958, 6.3697596), (52.6179096, 4.6313127), (51.4394388, 5.4747474), (52.4453091, 5.8488598), (51.91723, 5.84411), (52.7115512, 5.2769056), (52.2151377, 6.9729812), (52.2504249, 6.9143418), (52.21149, 6.85954), (52.2287494, 6.8580599), (52.191905, 6.8816226), (52.2956093, 6.5792184), (52.3475076, 5.9869872), (51.9807831, 5.904308), (52.0449965, 4.2804703), (51.5717097, 4.640338), (51.8662134, 5.7367693), (50.8942062, 6.0583066), (51.8894299, 4.5073691), (53.1864827, 7.0817392), (51.87324, 5.28966), (51.4227157, 5.5601343), (51.876516, 5.9705598), (51.85164, 4.88956), (51.54049445, 4.941347123), (51.5201768, 5.0661126), (51.8293032, 4.974148), (52.6100931, 6.6703703), (53.2645122, 6.3056918), (51.7757214, 5.9353596), (53.2190669, 6.5642461), (53.2142789, 6.2772892), (53.0890931, 5.8261502), (50.8151497, 5.8882573), (53.2411023, 5.8922686), (51.8222877, 5.209602), (52.08745, 4.34021), (52.1553502, 6.7440102), (51.609979, 4.8255962), (51.8851623, 5.9303022), (52.380472, 4.630469), (52.4083687, 4.6481001), (52.37535, 4.65948), (52.355739, 4.6558299), (51.525984, 4.2695517), (52.5088705, 5.4698154), (52.5758295, 6.6228007), (51.8268461, 4.837803), (53.1732298, 6.605538), (53.2103507, 6.6999968), (51.8053076, 5.8272408), (52.468463, 6.0700533), (52.7072967, 5.1016129), (52.7738645, 6.2337536), (52.0960473, 4.5826353), (52.1283131, 4.5930699), (52.5074556, 4.6703182), (52.3525449, 4.6238156), (52.3874073, 6.0469698), (52.6646543, 4.8243033), (52.7070327, 4.8502983), (51.3793269, 5.5742359), (52.60065, 4.69958), (52.4357657, 6.232057), (51.8447994, 4.6387055), (52.28513, 6.82948), (52.26358, 6.79621), (51.8278308, 5.132461), (51.8562621, 4.5367152), (51.9416646, 4.5471513), (51.9556444, 5.7582423), (51.8717037, 5.075112), (52.28778, 4.58527), (51.4849325, 5.1342892), (51.9780243, 4.1284841), (52.2811026, 6.421706), (52.3010493, 4.6978423), (52.3058599, 4.6442936), (51.4232902, 4.3255204), (52.7291871, 6.4800902), (53.1537282, 6.7574058), (52.69456, 5.1784501), (53.2056575, 6.5033773), (52.1882533, 5.3831883), (52.0727704, 5.1234708), (51.865394, 4.3573069), (52.2074042, 4.4156539), (51.9367414, 5.9417313), (52.2988481, 5.2411363), (53.2135675, 5.9417194), (51.888145, 4.5484259), (51.6596066, 5.0325607), (52.0731017, 5.0952564), (52.2010933, 4.3966954), (51.8639055, 6.0106415), (51.7712143, 5.3380551), (50.8656576, 6.0627223), (51.9321838, 5.5680087), (52.1481277, 5.6705879), (51.9269848, 4.4996065), (51.9155672, 4.5913219), (52.0596372, 4.3316055), (51.7115157, 4.6988219), (52.6867126, 4.8011256), (52.2565935, 5.2262182), (53.1617161, 6.3708239), (53.3607521, 6.3734917), (51.8935428, 5.0921427), (53.2001111, 5.8005258), (52.0656019, 4.4023217), (52.2236879, 4.6660532), (52.5078979, 5.4747252), (51.8708491, 5.8685434), (51.9220374, 4.4132563), (52.1303058, 5.427725), (52.119461, 5.4096888), (51.83912, 5.99353), (53.237446, 6.623101), (52.5727204, 4.7015233), (51.8750582, 4.5253209), (51.627082, 5.075822), (52.0534952, 4.2355295), (53.3309263, 6.7467198), (52.0640879, 5.136226), (51.9289685, 4.2375541), (50.8459909, 5.7010801), (50.8440096, 5.7258326), (50.8559091, 5.6614522), (51.6808234, 4.7952109), (51.7803468, 5.8526575), (53.1457748, 6.2679449), (52.7625947, 5.1014132), (50.8876671, 5.7500047), (51.4963215, 3.6157947), (53.3438117, 6.6418201), (53.1998031, 7.0375762), (52.7233202, 5.0765075), (51.4439572, 5.6172263), (51.8637665, 6.0467414), (51.54516, 5.18395), (51.8304025, 5.8352615), (52.9295968, 7.0153814), (51.98005, 4.58367), (52.6909085, 5.0579246), (52.06367, 4.24303), (52.2648298, 4.6332474), (53.0796136, 6.9656551), (52.0278997, 5.0848778), (52.150362, 4.7750318), (53.1969759, 6.874977), (52.7107009, 5.746911), (53.0671982, 6.4616009), (51.4794348, 5.5536504), (52.67651, 4.90962), (51.9084892, 5.5680429), (51.5822928, 5.1969427), (52.4462333, 5.9077775), (53.3044483, 6.3971509), (52.3121005, 6.9309973), (52.336444, 6.1115118), (52.525349, 6.4197765), (51.96129, 4.54291), (52.7435271, 5.1406597), (53.03712, 7.0397348), (52.0888051, 5.089665), (51.855102, 5.9400186), (51.4677808, 3.6048608), (51.87717, 5.84334), (51.6458408, 4.8608678), (51.6585543, 4.8644966), (51.6284338, 4.8587223), (51.8441046, 5.3849607), (51.9319108, 5.6276707), (52.7043209, 4.9473936), (51.3941117, 4.3323237), (53.1063122, 7.0056057), (51.76127, 5.78581), (51.9350926, 4.4290857), (52.1148908, 5.111179), (51.8280766, 4.6850648), (52.0916222, 5.064352), (53.1484106, 6.4993715), (52.3858869, 6.2768179), (51.6976753, 4.8737319), (51.86992, 4.60124), (51.5896294, 4.9071622), (52.1898781, 4.4435159), (52.3078081, 6.5227012), (53.139851, 6.4294479), (52.1945223, 4.6255224), (51.1942953, 5.9857115), (52.6126616, 6.1838072), (51.9049388, 4.2468596), (51.9805817, 5.9048654), (52.7587964, 6.3522069), (52.7235509, 6.2515855), (52.6344143, 5.1219979), (52.084693, 5.4898798), (52.10281, 4.27912), (51.9599642, 4.4717142), (51.9331906, 4.375652), (51.9046727, 4.4031663), (51.9176272, 4.3962976), (51.9156133, 4.4037165), (51.9127199, 4.3926644), (51.9380821, 4.370517), (52.0689042, 4.3141238), (52.714569, 4.6827329), (52.072389, 4.2748307), (53.23143, 6.54869), (53.2477501, 6.8636425), (52.6280552, 6.5586341), (51.8235529, 4.7721289), (51.8734673, 4.4785935), (53.2202819, 6.8053507), (52.945958, 6.4483896), (51.509423, 5.4937159), (52.4135403, 4.6842274), (53.3919922, 6.8386678), (51.6734929, 5.0116851), (52.9889638, 6.9566776), (51.80247, 4.71613), (52.6434649, 6.2113228), (52.6974, 5.23489), (51.5858478, 4.3200014), (53.2631556, 5.7596027), (52.5713382, 5.6428296), (53.2766876, 6.6960079), (52.1680212, 4.7110972), (52.87426, 7.06195), (51.6410168, 4.7509994), (52.3054958, 4.7525267), (51.8845787, 5.4366236), (51.5702702, 5.0485733), (51.57851, 5.00552), (51.5613301, 5.0858224), (51.5833894, 5.0847647), (52.0671043, 4.2966797), (52.1033548, 5.124173), (52.7412331, 5.0534808), (51.6097923, 5.1425866), (52.5195892, 5.486443), (52.2329426, 4.8315796), (53.4084446, 6.6737042), (53.416195, 6.7235609), (52.6640473, 5.6020868), (52.6269623, 4.8940511), (52.2884676, 5.9655509), (52.1807187, 4.4326076), (52.1944158, 5.4313447), (53.107356, 6.8763073), (52.0273575, 5.5594884), (51.4209084, 5.4041785), (52.4331462, 4.6608218), (52.66342, 5.19984), (53.2247992, 6.5248243), (51.9091422, 4.3397147), (51.9294344, 4.350516), (51.9084433, 4.3123879), (53.0265994, 7.1068695), (52.8575015, 6.206885), (52.1063576, 5.0116317), (51.4444824, 3.5691138), (50.8821112, 5.9273869), (52.1830472, 5.6060763), (51.3918101, 5.4618972), (51.6892274, 5.0691372), (51.9675573, 5.665798), (51.8225158, 4.6538706), (52.4289062, 6.0691886), (53.3918428, 6.5533901), (51.6846048, 4.9476775), (52.0312024, 4.2871554), (52.7296016, 5.1567162), (52.8483199, 6.6106635), (52.4646057, 5.9944671), (52.3564478, 6.5929183), (52.6416391, 5.165148), (52.3881722, 6.1349009), (53.14736, 7.03377), (53.3317677, 6.5141725), (52.685821, 5.0137789), (52.169838, 4.6327734), (52.0817375, 5.4175759), (52.0415963, 4.3706405), (51.8034576, 5.2321253), (52.3719, 4.53332), (52.3308504, 5.5416925), (51.9278408, 5.7129212), (52.1184314, 4.4959915), (53.1614407, 6.8610594), (53.24459, 6.40338), (52.6715312, 6.4289521), (52.1133977, 5.0874259), (52.3767151, 4.748797), (51.8238279, 5.7977373), (52.6581966, 6.289634), (52.2387919, 7.034954), (52.6767626, 6.2909147), (52.0940625, 5.0116907), (51.5657, 4.8304967), (51.5880916, 4.8025816), (51.5729336, 4.7511568), (51.950948, 4.5928356), (52.1938046, 4.4244188), (51.6068113, 4.7883534), (51.5998006, 4.7173071), (51.5516139, 4.7950965), (52.4956405, 4.5924236), (52.4172699, 5.877917), (52.6778105, 6.488065), (52.6495825, 6.6184239), (52.3166146, 6.9862726), (52.3330098, 6.280498), (50.8566454, 6.0265822), (52.4953277, 6.6704069), (51.5711486, 4.4107877), (52.6110498, 6.5763698), (52.4043298, 6.3679786), (51.9351061, 4.2722157), (52.3847443, 6.3246231), (52.5115156, 6.5773642), (52.3272745, 6.3448989), (51.588441, 4.2170916), (51.9764642, 4.3167383), (50.8341119, 5.975716), (52.6596347, 4.7850064), (52.4177241, 5.8172478), (52.43064, 5.84032), (51.4666303, 5.549687), (51.5068064, 5.4891661), (52.4521051, 4.6030904), (52.4706695, 4.6449189), (52.3175118, 5.9737885), (52.473826, 6.0228942), (51.9591278, 4.4944888), (52.4461502, 4.6437511), (51.4171638, 5.5635393), (50.8760025, 5.8822928), (52.3429444, 6.0473279), (52.4658999, 5.8916643), (50.8636518, 5.8934344), (51.4390835, 5.6188914), (52.4691, 4.64619), (51.3499459, 5.6116734), (52.2530729, 5.3314514), (52.48192, 6.636495), (52.6000468, 4.8907497), (52.158934, 5.962537176), (52.1601363, 5.9659213), (52.2567326, 5.9902803), (52.2042807, 5.9659291), (52.1177654, 5.881892), (52.2325231, 5.9671942), (52.2337861, 5.9656009), (52.22964, 5.95894), (52.1680676, 6.0637738), (52.1636915, 5.9843314), (52.1138389, 6.0186643), (52.1226947, 6.021276), (52.1157594, 6.0205456), (52.1582552, 6.0068594), (52.202303, 5.9310077), (52.2153906, 5.9967018), (52.2551231, 5.7798369), (52.2019387, 5.9706496), (52.21063, 5.98345), (52.2548017, 5.9628771), (52.1977294, 5.9564375), (52.19218, 5.9595), (52.2358801, 5.9973631), (52.1823286, 5.9348702), (52.095737, 4.3164207), (52.0356015, 4.2649606), (52.0549172, 4.3039721), (52.0529682, 4.3168613), (52.21538, 5.95845), (52.1589224, 5.3824207), (52.07743115, 4.315999145), (52.4610936, 4.6233078), (51.92106, 4.48911), (52.0915106, 5.1191159), (52.2191018, 6.8933855), (52.3010493, 4.6978423), (52.2628288, 7.0059411), (53.2430882, 6.5290584), (52.4781819, 5.5015475), (52.38054, 4.63066), (52.1589224, 5.3824207), (51.8453713, 5.86686), (52.5758295, 6.6228007), (52.091656341, 5.119627565), (53.2001111, 5.8005258), (52.1688211, 5.3910188), (52.1505086, 5.4010114), (52.216499, 6.0067153), (52.22528, 5.98329), (52.004084, 5.911696), (51.9470968, 5.8594146), (51.9881064, 5.8809763), (51.959103, 5.920837), (51.967847, 5.9159154), (51.9691969, 5.8977331), (51.9395759, 5.903116), (51.9403057, 5.894747), (51.9541887, 5.8469812), (51.957662, 5.838568), (52.1836277, 5.9486564), (52.23181, 6.89583), (51.9429556, 4.3657598), (52.10483, 5.0434), (51.9142065, 4.5623313), (51.45006, 3.5898), (52.4080958, 4.9168938), (52.3154929, 4.953512), (52.3787404, 4.8512146), (52.3326071, 4.8759451), (52.35329, 4.90622), (52.366904, 4.8688921), (52.3414979, 4.9612808), (52.3324721, 4.9385384), (52.3780277, 4.8025806), (52.3566548, 4.996847), (52.3641458, 4.9388798), (52.358075, 4.9262497), (52.3693887, 4.8502319), (52.4178054, 4.8929718), (52.3453125, 4.85578), (52.37616, 4.9082), (52.3589218, 4.8068695), (52.2953275, 4.9075754), (52.296222, 4.9761618), (52.3525874, 4.8825724), (52.3793298, 4.8201747), (52.3559939, 4.8256208), (52.3889092, 4.8799997), (52.3796205, 4.8720052), (52.3909375, 4.9117961), (52.3931052, 4.9549234), (51.9807831, 5.904308), (51.9617013, 5.8618218), (52.0039373, 5.9423836), (51.9555103, 4.9621087), (51.8723937, 4.7832548), (51.8924575, 4.5792452), (51.8239651, 4.8845321), (51.7925931, 4.6981566), (51.8349051, 4.9608966), (51.9240592, 4.8217493), (51.8342758, 4.5640387), (51.9635677, 5.0333362), (51.8143817, 4.6023327), (51.9204653, 4.9957), (51.8871058, 4.6824299), (51.9306078, 4.8741061), (51.8849161, 4.604296), (51.7848671, 4.6767646), (52.253322, 6.152572), (51.8145238, 4.6648565), (51.92448, 4.46995), (51.8853943, 5.5459884), (51.8141786, 5.0926245), (51.8902209, 5.6643959), (51.8840328, 5.2459089), (51.8547778, 5.6090658), (51.9457687, 5.2348588), (51.8199371, 5.5353727), (51.7636824, 5.1667443), (51.8676547, 5.4053427), (51.8248737, 5.0489027)]
# In the next cells I'll show how to work with input data in CSV/TSV/Excel format rather than output of a SPARQL query.
# We'll do four data formats
# 1) 'Library name', 'lat', 'lon' # 3 strings
# 2) 'Library name', '(lat,lon)'  # 1 string + 1 string tuple
# 3) 'Library name', lat, lon     # 1 string + 2 floats
# 4) 'Library name', (lat, lon)   # 1 string + 1 float tuple
# In all 4 cases the output must be a list of coordinate float tuples [(lat1,lon2),(lat2,lon2)...(lat_n,long_n)]

# Distinguish between local file and file-URL

#localfile = 'libraries.csv' # local file
#fileurl = ''
#open filename
# as csv object

# From
def load_data(url, nom_fichier, type_fichier):
    r = requests.get(fileurl)
    with open(nom_fichier, 'w') as f:
    with open(nom_fichier, 'r') as f:
        return type_fichier(f)

unemployment = load_data(

unemployment =  dict(zip(unemployment['State'].tolist(), unemployment['Unemployment'].tolist()))
# 1) 'Library name', 'lat', 'lon' # 3 strings
for line in :


# 2) 'Library name', '(lat,lon)' # 1 string + 1 string tuple
for line in :


# 3) 'Library name', lat, lon  # 1 string + 2 floats
for line in :


# 4) 'Library name', (lat, lon) # 1 string + 1 float tuple
for line in :


# Nopw that we have the data ready & loaded, we can start building a layered map step by step

# First, we start with a simple basemap
default_layer = basemap_to_tiles(basemap)'Basiskaart'

# Overview of more basemaps: + 

# Set initial center and zoom level of basemap
center=(52.088889, 5.33) #Utrecht city

# Set layout
map_layout = {
    'width': '900px',
    'height': '1000px',
    'border': '1px solid black',
    'padding': '1px',
    'margin': '0 auto 0 auto'

# Output the map to screen, embedded in notebook
#m = Map(layers=(default_layer,), center=center, zoom=zoom, layout=map_layout)
# Create next layers: (only CREATE layer, we don't yet ADD it to the map, as we first want to group it with other layers)

# Dark background, 'night theme'
dark_layer = basemap_to_tiles(basemaps.CartoDB.DarkMatter)
#m.add_layer(dark_layer) # If you uncomment this, the dark layer will be added to the map in de cell above

# Make heatmap of libraries - #
simple_heatmap = Heatmap(
    locations=lib_coor_list, # list of library coordinates, from cell above
    max= 10,
    min_opacity= 0.5, 
    max_zoom =19, #If max_zoom value is small (6 o so..) the heatmap layer becomes untoggleable (can't be switched on/off, see cells below)
    radius = 7.0, 
    blur = 3.0, 
    gradient = {0.4: "blue", 0.6: "cyan", 0.7: "lime", 0.8: "yellow", 1.0: "red"}
    #name = 'Heatmap openbare bibliotheken'

#m.add_layer(simple_heatmap) # If you uncomment this, the heatmap layer will be added to the map in de cell above
# Next we want to add a popup for every library in the heatmap, containing address info of the library
# As we can't directly add popus to a heatmap, we first need to make a circular marker for every library, 
# to which we then connect a popup. We then group together all the circles+popups into one single layer.


for result in results["results"]["bindings"]:
    #============================Popup contents================================
    libname=result['itemLabel']['value'] #library name(label) in Dutch

    # Image in the left pane of the popup
    imagedefault = ''
    img = result.get('image', imagedefault)
    if isinstance(img, dict):
        popup_image =  "<img src='" + img['value'] + "' width='100px'/>" 
    if isinstance(img, str):
        popup_image =  "<img src='" + img + "' width='100px'/>"
    websitedefault = ''
    web = result.get('website', websitedefault)
    if web != websitedefault:
        if isinstance(web, dict):
            website =  "<a href='"+ web['value'] + "' target='_blank'>Website</a>" #target='_blank' does not yet work
        if isinstance(web, str):
            website = "<a href='"+ web + "' target='_blank'>Website</a>"
    else: website = ''
    addressdefault = ''
    addr = result.get('address', addressdefault)
    if isinstance(addr, dict):
        address =  addr['value']
    if isinstance(addr, str):
        address = addr    
    # From : 'Afhaalpunt Poortugaal, Dorpsstraat 34, 3171 EH Poortugaal, Nederland' 
    # To: 
    # Dorpsstraat 34 (street)
    # 3171 EH Poortugaal (postal_town)
    if address !=  addressdefault:
        street = address.split(',')[:-1][-2] + "<br/>"
        postal_town=address.split(',')[:-1][-1] + "<br/>"  
    else: address =  addressdefault
    phonedefault = ''
    phn = result.get('phone', phonedefault)
    if isinstance(phn, dict):
        phone =  phn['value'].replace('-','').replace('+31','0')+ "<br/>" # From +31-78-620-5500 --> 0786205500  
    if isinstance(phn, str):
        phone = phn.replace('-','').replace('+31','0') + "<br/>"        
    emaildefault = ''
    eml = result.get('email', emaildefault)
    if isinstance(eml, dict):
        email = eml['value'][7:]+ "<br/>"  #strip the "mailto:" part
    if isinstance(eml, str):
        email = eml[7:] + "<br/>"         
    # This template determines the text layout in the popup. 
    # With the external css you can tweak the styling of the text
    lib_popup_template = """ 
    <!DOCTYPE html>
        <link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='popupstyle.css'>
    rendered_template = lib_popup_template.format(xlibname=libname, xstreet=street, xpostal_town=postal_town, 
    message = HTML()
    message.value = rendered_template
    message.description = popup_image
    coor=result['coordinates']['value'] #coordinates
    circle = Circle(location=coor, radius=12, color="red", fill_color="red", opacity=0.005) #0.005 = hardly visible
    circle.popup = message # Bind popup to circle
# Create 1 layer (group) from all the circles + popups
lib_circles_popups = LayerGroup(layers=circlelist, name='Bibliotheekinformatie (klik op bolletje)')

# Group 3 layers (simple_heatmap, dark map style and circles-layer) into 1 layer
heatmap_full= LayerGroup(layers=(simple_heatmap,dark_layer,lib_circles_popups), name='Heatmap openbare bibliotheken')

# We want to make a layer displaying the boundaries of all municipalities in The Netherlands that have public libraries
#, using gepshapes

# To make this layer, we first need to requets GeoJson geoshapes (boundaries) from Wikidata Q-values. See
#,Q702 or

# To be precise: request boundaries (geoshapes) of Dutch municipalities that have (one or more) public libraries
# We do this via P131, 'located in the administrative territorial entity' = municipality where the library is located

localgeojsonfile='nl_munis_with_public_libs.json' #remove this (cache) file from the server to generate a fresh/new version
if not os.path.exists(localgeojsonfile):
  nl_muni_url = "{%0A%20%20%20%20%20%20%3Fitem%20p%3AP31%2Fps%3AP31%20wd%3AQ28564%2Cwd%3AQ11396180%3Bwdt%3AP17%20wd%3AQ55.%0A%20%20%20%20%20%20%3Fitem%20wdt%3AP131%20%3Fid.%0A%20%20%20%20%20%20%3Fid%20p%3AP31%20[ps%3AP31%20%3FidIsA].%0A%20%20%20%20%20%20VALUES%20%3FidIsA%20{wd%3AQ2039348}.%20%23filter%20only%20the%20value%20%27municipality%20of%20the%20Netherlands%27%20Q2039348%20%0A%20%20%20%20}%20"
  r = requests.get(nl_muni_url)
  with open(localgeojsonfile, 'w') as f:

with open(localgeojsonfile, 'r') as f:
  muni_geoshapes = json.load(f)
# Next, we want to request the library density for every municipality = number of public libraries per 10.000 inhabitants
# As output format we need a dictionary:
# lib_density_dict = {'key':float_value, ...} = {'WDQ':density_float, ...}, eg. {'Q745038':0.6379, ....}

# You could do this via an URL-query :<SPARQL>&format=json
# (taken from, 
# but we don't do that here, we instead use the "def get_results(endpoint_url, query):" from the cell above, 
# as this makes the (somewhat complex) SPARQL query more explicit/visible 

# TODO: Get most recent municipal population figures from CBS and add those to Wikidata

density_query = """SELECT 
?id ?lib_count ?pop ?pop_year ?lib_density

  { #-- start subquery to get number of libraries in each municipality
    SELECT ?muni (COUNT(?muni) AS ?lib_count) WHERE {
      ?item p:P31/ps:P31 wd:Q28564,wd:Q11396180;wdt:P17 wd:Q55.
      ?item wdt:P131 ?muni.
      ?muni p:P31 [ps:P31 ?muniIsA].
      VALUES ?muniIsA {wd:Q2039348}. #filter only the value 'municipality of the Netherlands' Q2039348 
      ?muni rdfs:label ?muniLabel.
      FILTER (lang(?muniLabel) = 'nl') 
    } #where
    GROUP BY ?muni  
 }   #-- end subquery  
#main query 
   BIND(?muni AS ?id)
    ?muni p:P1082 ?popStatement.
    ?popStatement ps:P1082 ?pop;
                  pq:P585 ?pop_date .
    BIND(STR(YEAR(?pop_date)) AS ?pop_year).
    } #optional
    ?muni p:P1082/pq:P585 ?helpdate .
    FILTER (?helpdate > ?pop_date)
    BIND(STR(YEAR(?pop_date)) AS ?pop_year).
    BIND(IF(BOUND(?pop),(10000*?lib_count/?pop),'N/A') AS ?lib_density)

localdensityfile='nl_public_library_density.json' #remove this file from the server to generate a fresh/new version
if not os.path.exists(localdensityfile):
    density_results = get_results(endpoint_url, density_query)

    # Transform density_results into lib_density_dict = {'key':float_value, ...} = 
    # {'WDQ':density_float, ...}, eg. {'Q745038':0.6379, ....} 
    lib_density_dict ={}
    for dr in density_results["results"]["bindings"]:
        if lib_density != 'N/A':
            lib_density_dict[wdq] = float(lib_density)
            lib_density_dict[wdq] = 0.0
    with open(localdensityfile, 'w') as f:
        json.dump(lib_density_dict, f, indent=4)


with open(localdensityfile, 'r') as g:
    lib_density_dict = json.load(g)
{'head': {'vars': ['id', 'lib_count', 'pop', 'pop_year', 'lib_density']}, 'results': {'bindings': [{'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '46432'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.21536871123363197795'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '27752'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2014'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.36033439031421158835'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '32629'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '3'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.9194275031413773024'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '41502'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '2'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.48190448653076960146'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '198315'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '4'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.20169931674356453118'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '159041'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '30'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.88630604686841757786'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '55437'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '3'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.54115482439525948374'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '22930'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '4'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.74443959877889228085'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '76810'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '4'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.52076552532222366879'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '22093'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.45263205540216358122'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '47844'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '2'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.41802524872502299139'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '77051'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '8'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.03827335141659420384'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '55224'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.18108068955526582645'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '64196'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '5'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.77886472677425384759'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '71888'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '3'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.41731582461606944135'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '107963'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '4'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.37049730000092624325'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '8122'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.23122383649347451367'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '45100'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '3'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.66518847006651884701'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '32271'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '4'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.23950295931331536054'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '35255'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 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'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '3'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.62981474439072092139'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '16363'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '2'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.22226975493491413555'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '32268'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.30990454939878517417'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '25007'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '2'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.79977606270244331587'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '9531'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.04920784807470359878'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '27437'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '2'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.728942668659109961'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '18870'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '3'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.58982511923688394277'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '45952'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '6'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.30571030640668523677'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '35174'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '2'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.56860180815374992892'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '23051'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '4'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.73528263415903865342'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '17778'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '2'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.12498593767577905276'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '27010'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.3702332469455757127'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '38225'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '6'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.56965336821451929366'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '26104'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '3'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.14924915721728470732'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '27549'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '4'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.45195832879596355585'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '107902'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '4'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.37070675242349539397'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '629078'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '19'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.30202931909874451181'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '59697'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '12'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '2.01015126388260716619'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '57085'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.17517736708417272488'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '85403'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.11709190543657716942'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '34579'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '6'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.73515717632088840047'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '60956'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2018'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '7'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.14836931557188791915'}}, {'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '25000'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2018'}, 'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '4'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.6'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '7'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'type': 'literal', 'value': 'N/A'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '3'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'type': 'literal', 'value': 'N/A'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '8'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'type': 'literal', 'value': 'N/A'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '9'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.78164901514401662872'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '50515'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2018'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '6'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'type': 'literal', 'value': 'N/A'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '2'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.19791594509811682978'}, 'pop': {'datatype': 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'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.63501103632449519034'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '36697'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.31146826138416495359'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '32106'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '2'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.11831804965332140461'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '17884'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '2'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.52543085329970575872'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '38064'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2017'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '3'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.8129079042784626541'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '16548'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.40769732550554468363'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '24528'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '2'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.83493362277698922936'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '23954'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '2'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.96029192874633888702'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '20827'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '3'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1.02343670044007778119'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '29313'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.16198791570148866895'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '61733'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.79674926300693171859'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '12551'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.20798236309560949232'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '48081'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2017'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '3'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.67541707004075016323'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '44417'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '5'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.42112355765181504253'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '118730'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2014'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '6'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.2833851298376203206'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '211726'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2015'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '18'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.33385637498748038594'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '539154'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2019'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '4'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.33013378671706709144'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '121163'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2013'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '8'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.45713763271276899693'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '175002'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2017'}}, {'lib_count': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '1'}, 'id': {'type': 'uri', 'value': ''}, 'lib_density': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '0.84076004708256263662'}, 'pop': {'datatype': '', 'type': 'literal', 'value': '11894'}, 'pop_year': {'type': 'literal', 'value': '2016'}}]}}
# We can now combine the 'muni_geoshapes' and the 'lib_density_dict' data to make a Colorpleth 
# to show municipal library density (per 10.000 inhabitants) on a map.

density_style={'color': 'red', 'opacity':1, 'weight':1, 'dashArray':'2', 'fillOpacity':0.2}
libdensitylayer = Choropleth(
    geo_data=muni_geoshapes, #geojson dict "id":"key" - eg. "id":"Q745038" (Waalwijk)
    choro_data=lib_density_dict , #simple dict of "key":float 
    #e.g. "Q745038":0.6379992344009187189 --> generated from SPARQL query in the cell above
    colormap=linear.RdYlGn_11, #
    #value_min =0.0,
    #value_max = 3.0,
    hover_style={'fillOpacity': 0.7},
    name='Gemeentelijke bibliotheekdichtheid, per inwoner')

# Now we want to make a layer that displays an info box containing municipal data:
# 1) Name of municipality (in Dutch) - still to sparql
# 2) Province the municiplaity is in 
# 3) No of inhabitatns (in a given year)
# 4) Area in km^2 (in a given year) - still to sparql
# 5) No of libraries in the municiplaity
# 6) Library density - per 10.000 inhabitants
# 7) Library density - per km^2 - still to calculate

boxlayout=Layout(margin='0 0 0 0px', 
                 border='2px dashed white', 
label = HTML()

box=Box([label], layout=boxlayout)


def hover_handler(event=None, id=None, properties=None):
    label.value="<b style='color:white'>Gemeente:</b><br/><br/><br/><br/>"

    #label.value="<b>Gemeente:</b> "+ #properties['geounit']+\
    #"<br/><b>Provincie:</b> "+ #properties['subregion']+\
    #"<br/><b>Inwoners:</b> "+ #str('{:,}'.format(properties['pop_est']).replace(',', '.'))+\
    #"<br/><b>Inkomen:</b> "+ #str('{:,}'.format(properties['gdp_md_est']).replace(',', '.'))    


widget_control = WidgetControl(widget=box, position='bottomright', min_height=115, max_height=115, 
# Define the basemap
m = Map(layers=(default_layer,), center=center, zoom=zoom, layout=map_layout)

# Add all layers to the basemapp

# Add controls
m.add_control(LayersControl()) #
m.add_control(FullScreenControl()) #

m #Display the map, embedded in notebook
# Export the map to html-file
# The addition of 'state=dependency_state([m])' keeps the html file growing too large

# embed_minimal_html('NetherlandsPublicLibrariesHeatmap.html', views=[m], state=dependency_state([m]), title='Heat map of Dutch public libraries, June 2019')
# Optional gadget: ddd small minimap in the main map
minimap = Map(
    zoom_control=False, attribution_control=False, center=center, basemap=basemap, continuous_update=False)
minimap.layout.width = '200px'
minimap.layout.height = '200px'
link((minimap, 'center'), (m, 'center'))
#link((minimap, 'zoom'), (m, 'zoom'))

minimap_control = WidgetControl(widget=minimap, position='bottomleft')
# Now make a layer with above boundaries (geoshapes)

# Choose styling of layer
muni_style={'color': 'red', 'opacity':1, 'weight':1, 'dashArray':'2', 'fillOpacity':0.2, 'fillColor':'blue'}

# 'muni_geoshapes' is GeoJson-object taken from cell above
muni_boundaries = GeoJSON(data=muni_geoshapes, style=muni_style, name='Gemeentegrenzen',hover_style={'fillOpacity': 0.3})