Testing Microsoft Azure Custom Vision image recognition using Met Museum subject keywords

This is a test of using the Azure Custom Vision API with a machine learning model that has been trained with tens of thousands of Met Museum images, each of which have been associated with up to five subject keyword tags from a custom art vocabulary determined by the Met (roughly 1,000 unique terms).

The API can take any JPEG URL and provide its predictions in JSON format.

Send a POST request to the Azure Custom Vision API

The Azure Custom Vision API takes a HTTP POST request and returns a JSON object with the probabilities of what matched, using a prediction model. There are roughly 1,000 art vocabulary terms determined by the Met used as the tags.

Use a pandas Dataframe to ingest and plot prediction results

We are currently working on Met subject keyword to Wikidata mappings, so that these predictions can be used to generate recommended "depicts" statements for Wikidata items.