Met Museum Open Access report

Here are a series Wikidata queries to show items created and images uploaded as part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Open Access initiative. Andrew Lih (User:Fuzheado), The Met Wikimedia Strategist, and Richard Knipel (User:Pharos), the Wikimedian in residence, are working on comprehensive contribution of the Met's highlighted objects, Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History and significant objects on view to Wikimedia projects Wikipedia, Wikidata and Commons.

The full Wikidata query can be explored by clicking on the "Wikidata Query Service" link/icon on each block.

Wikidata presence

A current count of all Met artworks, using multiple criterion.

Image grid of Wikidata items

A sampling of the Wikidata items with images.

Histogram of different types of artworks

What types of artworks are in Wikidata? The Sum of All Paintings (SOAP) project has ingested many paintings already, contributing a large showing in that category.

Most depicted things in dataset

Most represented artists in dataset

Which artists are most represented in the holdings in Wikidata?

Timeline of most prominent artists at The Met

Map of place of birth for most prominent artists