Frequency stats

Here we see that paintings are the most common object type, expressed in the database as "Object Name." American culture is the most prevalent.

Let's take a look at Object Name vs Classification, to see if it helps us with Wikidata instances (P31) and genre (P136)

According to the API documentation, we have two fields that are very similar. But how similar are they?

Object Name

Most of these are one term, but a few rows have more than one, with commas separating them.

Items with a comma in object name, signaling something complex

Investigating "pipe" for classification

A number of rows (55) have just "|" for Classification. Let's look into those more

Overall numbers

Query all collection->Met, subject has role->collection highlight

Compare queries based on collection and Met IDs - hopefully result is zero

Find highlights not already in Wikidata

Missing highlighted dresses

Existing highlighted dresses in Wikidata

Check using Wikidata Query