Practical Assignment

The practical assignment that you need to accomplish is the following:  you should implement a simple Web site (you can choose the technology) where 

If you are not familiar with Web site development, you could alternatively implement some Python code that you execute e.g. in the command line / Jupyter notebook.

To get data from Wikidata you can either use the SPARQL endpoint or the Wikidata API (if you prefer it). You will find many examples on how to implement that in the documentation referenced in the reading materials. If there is data missing, you are allowed to complement it directly on Wikidata.


SPARQLWrapper is used to help query Wikidata via SPARQL.

List of POIS

1. Train stations (Q55488) located (P131) in Zurich

2. Parks (Q22698) located in Zurich

3. Museums (Q33506) located in Zurich

4. Performing arts buildings (Q57660343) located in Zurich

5. Films (Q11424) whose narrative location (P840) or fliming location (P915) is Zurich

6. Living 19 century artists (Q483501) who were born (P19) in Zurich

7. Artists (Q483501) or writers (Q36180) who were buried (P119) in Zurich cemeteries

8. Events (Q1656682) located in Zurich

8. Population (P1082) of the neighbourhoods (Q19644586) of Zurich