Query Type I:

Source: https://paws-public.wmflabs.org/paws-public/User:YuviPanda/replicahelper.ipynb

Query Type II:

Source: https://paws-public.wmflabs.org/paws-public/User:YuviPanda/examples/revisions-sql.ipynb

To learn more about the database schema: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Database_layout


The above contains all the page links contained in the page 'Donation'. However, there are some issues in that not all the pages may exist or the links may not be there after all the edits over time.

I tried to access the text table in the db but it says that it doesn't exist; therefore, it is advisable to simply use the wikipedia python package to download this text.

Wikipedia Python Package:

Some sources on how to use this: https://github.com/goldsmith/Wikipedia

Potential Project Idea: Part II

Compare the representation of Italian vs English articles on a particular topic.

Potential Project Idea: Part II


Assess Tweets on a specific topic and compare it to Wikipedia topics.