Studying the Wikipedia Clickstream

This notebook provides a tutorial for how to study reader behavior via the Wikipedia Clickstream via the monthly dumps. It has three stages:

Accessing Wikipedia Clickstream Dumps

This is an example of how to parse through the Wikipedia clickstream dumps for a wiki and gather the data for a given article.

An insight to our visualization

We will now use holoviews to plot a Sankey diagram which would help us have a better understanding of the pathways to and from our target article('Electronic_game'), hence we will also get to know:

  1. The articles used more to come to the target article and where people generally go from there.
  2. A quick answer to whether our target article has more items in 'source' or in 'destination'.
  3. What major 'type'(i.e. link/external/other) of article do the pathways constitute.