Studying Wikipedia Edits by Tag

Imagine you are building a tutorial for someone who wants to understand how to gather edit data from Wikipedia to see to what degree editing has shifted to mobile -- i.e. editing on one's mobile device instead of a desktop computer. Some basic information you'll need is provided below but you will want to complete the code/documentation and make any other changes that you would like to help potential researchers understand how to answer this (and related) questions.

Specifically, you will have to pull together data from a number of sources to answer ths question. Mobile edits can be identified via a specific edit tag that is recorded with an edit. Data on what tags are assocated with which edits are available via Mediawiki dumps or the API. The tutorial must include the following pieces:

Accessing Tagged Edits via Dumps

This is an example of how to parse through the history dumps for a wiki -- i.e. complete history of all revisions made to all pages -- and filter that for edits that match a given tag.

Accessing the Edit Tag APIs

The Revisions API can be a much simpler way to access data about edit tags for a given article if you know what articles you are interested in and are interested in relatively few articles (e.g., hundreds or low thousands).

NOTE: the APIs are up-to-date while the Mediawiki dumps are always at least several days behind -- i.e. for specific snapshots in time -- so the data you get from the Mediawiki dumps might be different from the APIs if edits have been made to a page in the intervening days.

Example Analyses of Edit Tag Data

Here we show some examples of things we can do with the data that we gathered about the edit tags for various Wikipedia articles. How has mobile editing changed over the last ~20 years? Feel free to explore other tags that you find interesting as well.