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has a row for each page.

cl_from: is the page_id to which the category is being assigned. this page_id can represent a main page, a file page, or a category page.

cl_to: is the page_title of a category page. parent/child relationships between categories are inidcated by rows in which the cl_from page_id refers to a category page.

cl_type is one of [page, file, subcat] and indicates the type of page cl_from refers to.

Types of edges

For example, the first row below indicates that



pp_page is a page_id. rows that have pp_propname = 'hiddencat' are categories that are not shown at the bottom of pages. these are typically only interesting for wikipedia editors or admins.

SQL Examples

List some main pages

Start at a main page and find categories

Install setuptools and graphql_compiler

Reflect the Schema from the MariaDB server

Take a peek at the table objects

Note that there are not primary keys or foreign keys. This is because the tables we are working with are views.


Create vertex name to table mapping

Create graphql_compiler schema info